Heroes for Health Camp: Our Future Nurses

From WLC graduate and Heroes for Health Camp Coordinator Melissa Krug RN, BSN:

While the Wisconsin Lutheran College nursing students take a break for the summer, the nursing lab continues to be filled with activity. Today was the first day of the Heroes for Health camp. This year is the seventh year that the WLC nursing program has invited middle school students to step into the shoes of a nurse for a week and explore the joys and challenges of a career in professional nursing.

Today the students learned about first aid and safety and how to provide CPR. The students had many opportunities to practice the new skills they learned. I am sure many of them will return to camp tomorrow with sore arms. This summer we have seven students participating in camp. The students are all asking great questions and eager to learn more. Each day the students are asked to write down three things they learned. One student wrote that they learned, “how to keep a child safe by preventing injuries.”







As the week moves forward, the students will continue to practice the skills they learned today and develop new ones. The students will have the opportunity to? learn how to take vital signs, help someone who is choking and even observe a human heart and brain. We are looking forward to a very exciting week!

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