Welcome message

A welcome message to the Wisconsin Lutheran College nursing group, from Community Health Worker chairman, Mr. Munyati:

HONOUR: Delegate leader from the USA, Chairman NHC Mr. Makusa, Clinic Officer Mr. Kalekwa, USA students, Traditional Birth Attendants, Community Health Workers, Members of staff. Oh, I just say you are all welcome to Mwembezhi Lutheran Clinic. For the interest of our visitors, Mwembezhi means “a shepherd.” And for sure Mwembezhi clinic has been shepherding this area in devotion and good health.

This missionary work in Africa, Zambia in particular has been marvelous. We have been healthy simply because of the health centre the mission brought to this place some good years ago.

Choosing to come to Mwembezhi health centre is a blessing. There are many countries you would have wanted to go, but thank God you opted to come to this pace.

Zambia is one of the democratic countries of Africa which enjoys peace. But we are in war and this war is poverty, HIV/AIDS, maternal birth rates, and good sanitation. Many residents do not manage to have just a dollar for their daily food. Hence the contribution from USA such as drugs, funds, and resource personnel has been working very much in our country and in our local community. We salute your tender help you are rendering to us.

The hospitality of Mwembezhi clinic in the area has brought a lot of challenges. Many patients or clients opt to come to this centre. As a result we are facing this problem of transport.

We have suggested to build a guest house that will be hosting visitors like you. When we finish such a house we humbly request the mission work in USA to be sending nurses or students for their field work to let us lighten the burden of resource personnel we are facing.

Thanks very much. May The Lord bless you.

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