Club Insider: Student Nursing Association News

By Kyra Mu?oz and Charisse Miller

The WLC Student Nursing Association (SNA) is excited for another year of service to the community and campus! SNA is a club for nursing majors or anyone interested in learning more about nursing. It is an excellent way to get to know the other students on campus who are interested in the nursing field and is also very informative. SNA has monthly meetings featuring guest speakers and discussion of future service projects.

Last year, a nurse visited SNA from the Intensive Care Unit of an area hospital as well as an RN from a chemotherapy unit of a nearby clinic. Two representatives from Bell Ambulance visited WLC to speak to SNA about how nurses can better communicate with paramedics. Bell stressed the importance of all health care professionals being a team and working together to help the patients. Having outside speakers gives future nurses insight into the field.

This year, SNA is planning a great slew of speakers and service projects! SNA is planning on participating in an Alzheimer?s walk on October 5. The club will also be participating in Respite Day a program in which WLC partners with Children?s Hospital to provide a day of respite for parents of children with special needs. As another service project, SNA is planning on preparing a meal for the Ronald McDonald house. All of these opportunities are exciting for the future nurses at WLC.

The first SNA meeting of the semester was September 9. At this meeting we introduced the members of our executive board: Kyra Munoz, President, Charisse Miller, Vice President, Jaimie Shine, Publicity/Historian, Alicia Wichman, Events Coordinator, Haley Moldenhauer, Secretary, and Alex De Palma, Treasurer. We discussed our future events and took orders for our club T-shirts. It was a great opportunity to meet many of the freshman nursing class and a great opportunity for them to meet some upperclassmen.

If you are a nursing student or plan to become one, check out SNA! It is an amazing way to connect with other nursing students. If you have any questions about SNA you can contact President Kyra Mu?oz or Vice President Charisse Miller.

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