Today is my Miracle Day

These words were part of a song that the students at one of the Lutheran grade schools here in Lusaka sang to some of our nursing students this morning. The words have also become somewhat of a theme for us as we experience miracles of discovery and learning each day.

The nursing students have been doing lots of health teaching at the grade schools and for the wives of the seminary students. Today the students reported that the wives are becoming more comfortable with the students. They are starting to ask more questions about women’s health and they have even started laughing and joking around with the students. Some of the students went to a small village today as part of a Home Based Care program where they talked to a patient in her home and observed kapenta (small sardine-like fish) being cooked over a little coal stove outside.

Over the weekend we traveled to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls and took a ride through Mosi-oa-Tunya Game Park to see some of Africa’s finest wildlife. The scenery and the landscape was amazing and breathtaking! A walking adventure down to the “boiling pot” was a highlight, as well as seeing the powerful waterfall.

God’s creation was definitely evident all around us! Getting up extra early on Saturday morning was definitely worth the lack of sleep as we set out in open air vehicles to look for animals seen only in zoos back in the U.S. A herd of zebras and a mother and baby giraffe were at the top of the favorites list.

We have had many miracle days and expect more to come in our remaining time in Zambia. We can’t wait to share all the things we have seen and learned with our family and friends at home!

Health education in Zambia

Things We’ve Heard in Zambia

Muli bwanji. Bwino, bwanji

Zikkomo kwambiri

At the gate by eight.

There was a lizard in my bed net. (His name is Norman.)

We need more coffee.

This is so sad.

The sem wives were so fun – I feel so connected.

There’s a frog on the table!

I saw three surgeries – a third ventricular ostomy, a tendon release, and the removal of an extra thumb.

Come, oh, come let us sing to the Lord!

I hear you have pills that can help you lose weight, is that true?

Eet-Sum-Mor; Have-Sum-Mor; Munch-a-Lot

Why are they looking at us so funny?

What happens to monkeys eating the tomatoes?

Why do they want to take our picture?

That boy is holding a monkey tail!

Do YOU have hot water at your place?

We forgot to pay the electric bill.

Speak oh Lord as we come to you to receive the food of your holy word.
Take your truth plant it deep in us, shape and fashion us in your likeness That the light of Christ might be seen today in our acts of love and our deeds of faith.
Speak oh lord and fulfill in us all your purposes for your glory.

Arrival in Zambia

By Valerie L., Wisconsin Lutheran College Global Health nursing student

From Lusaka, Zambia:

2013-Zambia-airportOur flight was very long, but we finally made it to Zambia! It was a surreal experience when we walked down the steps of the airplane into Zambia. We felt very welcomed when we arrived at the Lutheran seminary grounds.

Our first day here we toured Beit Cure Hospital. Our ride back to the seminary was interesting – we could see all of the different living conditions ranging from compounds to luxury hotels. I cannot imagine what I will see in the coming weeks!

Today some of us went to the market with Professor Carey. We were offered samples of the mwauyu fruit of the baobab tree. It was surprisingly tart.

Sigma Theta Tau International induction

Congratulations to Wisconsin Lutheran College’s first group of Sigma Theta Tau International nursing honor society inductees (Phi Beta Chapter). The ceremony was held April 13 at Concordia University-Wisconsin.

  • Rachel Borchard
  • Katie Kronebusch
  • Kaili Markgraf
  • Leanna Miller
  • Kayla Wiechman