“Here and there.” “Not far.” “Oh, very far.”
“Just a bit.” “It is difficult.”
“There is not enough.”
“You are welcome” (accompanied by the brightest smile one will ever see!).
“Our food expenditures are right on budget at 7 million/7 days.”

Six students attended to patients at Our Lady’s Hospice in Kalingalinga. While most patients receive palliative care for RVD and PTB, and are discharged to home on ARV’s, some arrive in a terminal condition, suffering from Stage 4 AIDS. Today, MUVI Tv interviewed the staff – watch for us on the evening news!

The six students at Beit Cure Hospital observed surgeons in theatre, doctors performing ENT exams, and a clinical officer tapping a baby with a blocked shunt for his hydrocephalus.

Pastors Mutentami, Kawiliza, and Phiri shared the History of the LCCA and Lutheran Seminary. They encouraged is to continue building relationships through these study opportunities. The Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) are the basis for program development in health and education.

Each morning three student taught health education classes at the Matero Community School. The students are already sensitized to nutrition, hygiene, and dental health.The MDG’s are well integrated into their curriculum.

Two students per day accompany Mr. Alisad Banda and the home-based caregivers to West Chelstone compound, where they assist with the needs of the chronically ill.

Our students appreciate their semester-long preparation at WLC where they studied the MDG’s, WHO, NGO’s,ARV’s, AIDS, and perinatal and Under 5 M&M.

Tomorrow we depart at 530 hours for Livingstone and a weekend viewing Victoria Falls, as well as taking a game drive. We will return to our Practicals bright and early Monday morning!

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  1. I have been following your travels. I am excited for all of you. What experiences you will come away with ,to be able to talk about. You will never forget! May our Lord Jesus continue to protect you in your travels, and open the hearts and minds to all you meet about God’s wonderful and saving news. Your sister in Christ, Sarah Anderson from Darlington Lutheran Church , Ann Arbor MI

  2. Great to hear the wonderful opportunities this next class has. Reading these blogs definitely makes us (I am sure I can speak for the entire Class of 2012) wish we were back in Africa. God’s blessings on a relaxing and unforgettable weekend in Livingstone!

  3. Hi Amanda. Professor Carey has tried sending photos for us to post, but they aren’t coming through due to spotty internet service. We’ll definitely add photos after they return. Thanks! – WLC Office of Public Affairs

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