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Nursing students arrive in Zambia

Written by Rebekah Carey on May 25th, 2012

Nursing students at Wisconsin Lutheran College, as part of their Global Health studies, just arrived in Zambia. Prof. Rebekah Carey sent this post about getting settled:

Today five pastors graduated from the Lutheran Church of Central Africa seminary. The first hymn we sang at the service says it all:

We are called to service,
To witness in God’s name.
Our ministries are diff’rent; Our purpose is the same:
To touch the lives of others
With God’s surprising grace,
So every folk and nation
May feel God’s warm embrace.

We were all moved by Pastor Mwete’s message to recognize the calling by the Holy Spirit. The three choirs, interjected by ululating, sent echoes through the church building!

This afternoon, we walked to the Chelstone post office, hoping to also stop in at the local grocery store. Because it is Africa Freedom Day today, most Zambians are on holiday.

However, the little shop is owned by an East Indian man, who interested in our shopping excursion for groundnuts, soap, rice, and baking soda. All will be used as part of the student health education classes at the community schools in Matero and Kaunda Square.

On our way home, some of us stopped for fresh vegetables, sugar cane, and bananas at the street vendor, Joyce.

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  1. May
    Leanna Miller

    Praying your trip produces much fruit for all who you will help and for each one of you! Love and Prayers

  2. May
    Marilyn Kolander

    May good health, good learning experiences mixed with sight seeing be enjoyed by all the students and chaperones. What a special opportunity this is for all of you to experience another culture.

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