Nursing lab open houses

This spring the Wisconsin Lutheran college Class of 2013 BSN students hosted two open houses in the nursing lab. It was a wonderful opportunity for WLC staff, faculty, and students to view the simulation lab.

Guests, including Pathways to College students, were able to interact with our nursing students and were able to see our simulators in action. We had a great turnout and had received positive feedback from the visitors.

Junior WLC student Peter B. commented, “As a music major, I don’t really get out of the Fine Arts building much, so the nursing open house was like an opportunity to explore a foreign land. Not usually venturing into Generac Hall, I was not aware of the highly technological equipment that is kept there. The simulations playing the role of patients were state-of-the-art, with realistic functions like blinking and breathing! Being a music major, it is definitely interesting to think of studying and learning in such a hands-on way!”

Junior Sarah H. said, “I was very impressed with the nursing students and their knowledge. They were more than willing to show me how to listen to the heart sounds. Overall, I could tell the students knew their stuff and were great ambassadors for the school and the nursing program.”

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