Clinicals in Zambia


The Wisconsin Lutheran College students had an intense day of clinicals today in Zambia, seeing and hearing things that they will most likely never experience in the United States. Students at the orthopedic hospital observed surgery, and those at the hospice saw the ravaging effects of HIV.

Every day the students are asked to share their high points and low points for the day. The high points are many and center around the learning experiences they have been having. Most of the low points are not related to personal disappointments; rather, the students share sad things that they have witnessed. Children who are orphaned because of a deformity or because their parents have died from HIV, caregivers’ struggles from a lack of supplies, and patients refusing certain tests or recommendations because they cannot afford them; all of these things are a constant reality for the people here.

On a lighter note, Team USA (WLC nursing students) took on Team Zambia in an exciting game of kickball on the seminary grounds this afternoon. Team USA prevailed, winning by a score of 17-16, but it was a fierce competition down to the very last out. The red uniforms worn by Team Zambia were a gift from St. John’s in Lannon, Wisconsin. According to Coach Dave, the students were dressed in them since noon today. They definitely wear them with pride!

Tonight after devotion the students were asked to share a brief part of one of their journal entries. One of the students ended her entry for the first night in Zambia with the words, “Thank the Lord for this opportunity.” A few words that say so much about our time here. This experience is certainly a blessing from God; we are so thankful for all that He provides!

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  1. Kristen, enjoy your once in a time chance over there!!! I am so proud of you!!! When you get back let me know all about your experiences! Be safe over there!!
    Love your cousin,


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