Student Nursing Association’s Year

Please enjoy this guest post from Kristen, secretary of the Student Nursing Association at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Finals are over!!! Another academic year is wrapping up for the WLC Student Nursing Association (SNA). As we look to the future year with the new board of officers, we reflect on the last year and all that has been experienced.

This year was very successful with tons of participants showing up to both the Alzheimer’s and MS walks. SNA members worked on their cooking skills while making dinner twice for Kathy’s House ? the themes were breakfast for dinner and baked potato bar. There was even a meeting where people from Bell Ambulance came to talk and show the ambulance’s equipment. This opened up amazing opportunities for some SNA members to shadow them later on in the year!

This year turned out to be a success with having members eager to volunteer. SNA has been blessed to have strong leaders over the past few years, and this trend will continue with the officers for the academic year of 2011-2012.

God Bless everyone in their summer endeavors.

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About Rebekah Carey

I came to WLC in July 2007 to develop the new BSN program. My years of nursing have been filled with great experiences in labor and delivery, women's health, and serving at the Lutheran medical mission in Zambia. I have taught at Viterbo University and Trinity Christian College. Education: BSN from UW-Oshkosh, MSN from University of San Diego, Nurse Practitioner certificate from University of Illinois-Chicago. A PhD from Marquette University should be completed by 2011. My son Jess is a mechanical engineer for a racing team in Indianpolis, soon to marry Colleen in October 2008. My daughter Rachel is an exercise specialist, married to Jason, expecting her first child in October 2008. I have a delightful, energetic border collie, Chuka (which means "sugar" in Tonga.) Gardening keeps me well-grounded during the summer. Knitting keeps me cozy all winter!