Kathy’s House Service Project

dscn1268Tonight was a very exciting night for the Student Nursing Association (SNA). Each semester the SNA is required to participate in one service project. This semester the SNA decided to serve a “house meal” for the guests at Kathy’s House.

Kathy’s House is a non-profit hospitality house that provides lodging and a supportive environment for patients and their families traveling to the Milwaukee area for medical treatment. Kathy’s House is dedicated to the memory of the daughter of Dick and Judy Vogel, who died in 2000 after a year-long battle with cancer. Her wish was to have a place for patients and families to find assistance and comfort during their difficult journeys. Her wish has befront-of-house-newen a reality since 2001.

Tonight the SNA had an opportunity to come to Kathy’s House and provide a meal for the guests. We served breakfast for dinner, which was a huge success. The nursing association was able to socialize with one another and the guests, all while helping out a great organization. Fifteen SNA members came to help with this event.

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