First SNA Meeting

by Kristen Luebbe

With the Student Nursing Association (SNA) now in its third year, our first meeting held on September 7 had a very successful turnout. This is an exciting time for the nursing students, with the junior class starting clinical, the sophomore class getting into nursing classes, and a freshmen class getting their feet wet; things are starting to go from new to routine. There is much to look forward to this coming year from a fundraiser for Zambia to health tips in the cafeteria to walks for Alzheimer’s and MS. The first event for the SNA this year will be an Immunization Symposium on September 16.

During the excitement of this meeting, the nursing professors introduced themselves and there was a talk on how to manage your time and stress during the coming semester. Finally the nursing students each received a Nursing Survival Kit donated by Jillian, the SNA events coordinator.

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