WPR Health Care Forum

Participating in public debate is a role of the professional. Today’s Health Care Forum, hosted by Kathleen Dunn of Wisconsin Public Radio, in the lovely venue of the new Clinical Cancer Center of Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, provided such an opportunity.

health forum

Participants included health care providers, payees, and legislators. I was invited to the microphone to share my perspective: Nursing is especially suited to health promotion and prevention of illness. At the same time, a nursing shortage looms before us – will that further complicate the health care climate?

Key points shared by the guest panelists:

  • One-third of medical costs are due to waste, i.e. unnecessary tests and treatments.
  • 50% of insurance claims are a result of “self-infliction” i.e. smoking, obesity, alcohol.
  • The health care consumer must accept responsibility for minimizing health risks.

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