Blood Sugar and Baptism, Day 2, GNHC

What do blood sugars and baptism have in common? Both are critical to life – one for earthly well-being, the other for eternal well-being. Last Saturday the volunteer health care team at the Granville Neighborhood Health Center (GNHC) witnessed God’s gentle hand firsthand.?A volunteer RN was reviewing the blood sugar log of an Hispanic gentleman whom had been seen on the opening day and given a blood glucose monitor, with instructions to write down all of his blood sugars at home and return with this documentation. The RN was pleased that the man had done his “homework” and followed up as needed.? This patient encounter was facilitated by a Spanish-speaking seminary student.

What Lynn experienced next was a clear illustration of the mission potential of a free neighborhood health center.?The patient suddenly asked, “Can someone baptize my baby?”?As the good Lord would have it, the Hispanic outreach pastor “just happened” to be in the gym.?The seminary student “just happened” to be the senior student assisting with the Hispanic outreach ministry.?The health center “just happened” to be housed in the school gymnasium, attached to the church.?

The volunteers were expecting to plant seeds through this care ministry. The good Lord shared some early fruit!

Then He said to His disciplies, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”?Matthew 9:37