Granville Neighborhood Health Center Opening

The Granville Neighborhood Health Center (GNHC) opened it doors on April 25, 2009. The GNHC will serve the uninsured low-income residents in the community surrounding Risen Savior Lutheran Church at 95th Street and Brown Deer Road.?

U.S. Census Data suggest that a staggering 45 million individuals are without health insurance at this time. The statistics suggest that based on the median income of $26,909; that 75% percent of persons in the community are minorities; with 33% living below the poverty line; and 30% led by single parent households demonstrate the need for the GNHC services.


Public health is a major concern in the Milwaukee community and is not being adequately addressed by mainstream institutions. The Risen Savior community and GNHC supporters? believe it is a moral imperative to respond to the health care crisis and serve the needs of its community.?

Wisconsin Lutheran College?nursing students will engage in clinical experiences at the new health center throughout their academic development at WLC.?Additional opportunities for volunteering outside of coursework will be available ongoing.

Granville Neighborhood Health Center

It is the intent that the GNHC will be financed with private, public, in-kind donations, and through voluntary labor. Rebekah Carey, WLC Director of Nursing,?is president of the Board of Directors,?which will serve as the governance body for the clinic and provide sustainability for the future. The GNHC has been well received by stakeholders within the community, and we are confident our structure and expertise will enhance the quality of life for the residents in the community, and help close the gap of the need for health care services for the uninsured, low-income persons in Milwaukee.

Watch the FOX 6 feature on GNHC’s opening.

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About Rebekah Carey

I came to WLC in July 2007 to develop the new BSN program. My years of nursing have been filled with great experiences in labor and delivery, women's health, and serving at the Lutheran medical mission in Zambia. I have taught at Viterbo University and Trinity Christian College. Education: BSN from UW-Oshkosh, MSN from University of San Diego, Nurse Practitioner certificate from University of Illinois-Chicago. A PhD from Marquette University should be completed by 2011. My son Jess is a mechanical engineer for a racing team in Indianpolis, soon to marry Colleen in October 2008. My daughter Rachel is an exercise specialist, married to Jason, expecting her first child in October 2008. I have a delightful, energetic border collie, Chuka (which means "sugar" in Tonga.) Gardening keeps me well-grounded during the summer. Knitting keeps me cozy all winter!