Yesterday was amazing. Dunn’s River Falls was soooo fun! We honestly climbed a waterfall! Granted, the rocks we climbed up had been scraped of algae to prevent slipping, and some foot holes holes were added. Still, it was hard work and kind of scary! We didn’t have to sign a waver or wear any kind of gear! Most of us climbed up the waterfall at least once, but most of did at least twice. It was definitely an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see Dr. Anderson’s video he took of us crazy kids. We stopped in town after Dunn’s River Fall, had supper, a lecture on the religion of Jamaica, and then a big group of us went night snorkeling. Many of us were bound and determined to use the underwater flashlights we had purchased, and last night was our last chance. It was a little scary, because we never knew if there was a diadema waiting to poke us. We all made it out without any injuries, and we saw many amazing creatures that only come out at night. For example, we saw spotted sea hares mating in a circle, releasing purple ink. We also followed an octopus! I’m glad we worked up the courage to go.

This morning we woke up for breakfast, had devotion, and then hopped into the vans to head to Ocho Rios. We first drove through the fern gully (note to next year’s class, if you get carsick, take dremamine!). We then toured Wood Walker’s hot sauce factory. It’s won many awards and has even been visited by the Queen of England! A lot of us stocked up on their $1 bottles of sauces. What a deal! After the tour we went to Shaw’s Gardens. We saw many more flowers and plants and the country bird, the Doctor Bird. Finally, we headed into the actual town of Ocho Rios. Some of us went to the Hard Rock Cafe to eat, others bought more of the Jamacain patties (like what we had at the Seville Great House). Then we went off in groups to explore the markets! It was so much fun bargaining. Most of us bought so many things we didn’t need, and we all agreed that we won’t even be sure of what we bought until we look through our purchases as we pack. Now we are back at the lab. We are having a big barbecue on the dock and a reggae band is here to play for us! We already took pictures with them, and they seem so fun.

It’s been wonderful being a tourist. Tomorrow we are leaving at 8:00 so we can check in at the airport. Then we are going to Doctor’s Cave Beach to sun and swim until our flight leaves around 5. We should be rolling into WLC around 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock tomorrow night! Don’t worry, I will write a post-trip blog.

Here are some things that people are looking forward to reuniting with again in Wisconsin:
Fast Food
Our beds/ pillows
Hot showers
Cold drinking water

But, we are sad to leave behind:
Warm weather
“Jamaican time” (flexible schedules)
The caring staff
The friendly Jamaicans
The new friends we made on the trip

It’s been a fun, crazy 11 days! What a wonderful experience! Pray for our safe return!

No problems, mon