This morning we got up before 6 so we could be ready to go snorkeling at Pear Tree Bottom by 630.  This being Jamaica, we of course didn’t leave shore until at least 6:45.  I think all times given in Jamaica should have an “ish” at the end.  Anyway, we started out and began to realize that the bay was pretty wavey.  We figured this was how the ocean was.  None of us had a ton of “ocean experience.”  It turns out that even to many Jamaicans, the waves were a lot more vicious than usual.  Many of us became sea sick.  If the waves on the way there didn’t bring us down, then it was either the slow circling before setting anchor or attempting to snorkel with the waves crashing over us.  No matter the cause, I saw a lot of people getting sick.  The memories are too painful to extend upon :)  Somehow we all managed to make it back to the Discovery Bay alive.  I think many of us are still feeling the waves.  We are supposed to snorkel tomorrow morning at a location even farther down shore than the location today, and if any of us even see a ripple in the water, we will not get on that boat!

We were given a large break after returning to try and eat breakfast, shower up, and relax.  After lunch, we met for our daily devotion and then had four hours to snorkel or study.  A lot of us buckled down and at least attempted to study and organize our organisms.  Tonight at supper some of us tried goat!  I also tried shrimp, which may sound like a normal food to some of you, but it’s not a food I’ve eaten during the course of my life.  We just finished a lecture on the coral reef, and now a couple of crazy souls are going to night snorkel.  Those of us remaining will probably eagerly await seeing what the snorkelers bring in and then head to bed!

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!

 Hannah :)