The books I need to complete my Jamaica Notebook!

I’m Hannah Behnke, the new lead blogger for the WLC/MLC excursion to Jamaica.  I’m a sophomore communication/Spanish major at WLC, and will be sharing “blog-time” with Katie Edwards.  Currently I’m sitting at my friend’s coffee shop, using the wireless to research the 106 (!!!) specimen that I have to draw, color, and write information on.  We were all warned to get our notebook pages done far in advance, but here I am, a week before we leave, working like crazy.  It doesn’t help that I know very little about science, and I cannot draw!  No one who has seen my drawings can dispute that!  I have also been running around, trying to find all the gear we need for snorkeling.  This included things such as a wet suit, snorkel, goggles, and fins, plus my VERY necessary sunblock!  I am writing this to introduce the trip and to become more familiar with this website.  I hope all of you will enjoy reading about our trip to the hot, sunny country of Jamaica!  I will talk to you in a week!  Merry Christmas!