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Attending a German Church Service

April 10th, 2014

On Sunday, April 6, German students from Wisconsin Lutheran College attended a German church service at St. Michaelis, which holds its services in the college’s chapel. Not only were the students immersed in the German culture of a church service, but they also sang “Lobe den Herren, den m?chtigen K?nig” (the hymn from which the “Praise the Lord, the Almighty” is based) for the congregation.


After the service was over, the students conversed with members of St. Michaelis during a light reception in the Galleria. The congregation was delighted to get to speak in German with the students and share with them their experiences with German. 

Sampling German food

October 28th, 2013

On Thursday October 24, the Wisconsin Lutheran College German Club went to Meyer’s Restaurant to get a taste of German cuisine. Students sampled a variety of German dishes from Sauerbraten to Kartoffelsuppe (potato soup). Overall the students enjoyed a taste of traditional German food while getting to learn some German as well.

German food

November 12th, 2012

As another activity for the German Club, German students went out to eat at Kegel’s Inn, one of Milwaukee’s German restaurants.


At Kegel’s Inn, students were able to enjoy an authentic German cuisine, from “Kartoffelsuppe” and “Salat” for appetizers to “Wienerschnitzel” and “Goulash” for entrees.


Over dinner, the students conversed in German and learned lots of new words such as the German word for duck, which is “die Ente.” The meal was very delicious and the experience was uniquely German.

Visiting Germanfest

September 29th, 2011

In July, Wisconsin Lutheran College’s German students got to experience German culture first-hand at Milwaukee’s very own Germanfest. Some of them even dressed up in traditional German outfits. Of course, they didn’t seem out of place amongst the Kaisers and Princes of Germanfest. Lots of fun was had participating in all the German activities and even just observing the cultural traditions.

Milwaukee German Immersion School

March 8th, 2011

As you may know from other blog entries, Wisconsin Lutheran College has a great relationship with the Milwaukee German Immersion School.


Every year the GER 202 students visit Frau Arndt (a 2005 WLC graduate, pictured below, center) and her third grade classroom. Despite having her first baby on the way very soon, Frau Arndt welcomed in the GER 202 students, who each came to read a German children’s book to the class.

The kids had a great time with the WLC students, who led a short discussion on the reading afterward. Of course, the third graders had a lot to share about their impressions of the book as well!


It’s a unique experience for the GER 202 students to get a taste of a German immersion program outside of WLC. It’s fascinating to see children so young speaking German fluently and spontaneously. We had a great time, and we look forward to visiting with Milwaukee German Immersion School students again!

Student Story: Eileen

May 19th, 2010

My name is Eileen T. and I am a double major in wide-range education (birth to 21 years) and German.?During the 2010 spring semester, I was?blessed to work with several teachers at the Milwaukee German Immersion School as an independent study toward my education major.?I found through this experience that even after studying German for almost five years, it can sometimes be intimidating to step into a classroom where these children have been learning it at a much younger age and are already very fluent.?The most important things to remember are being confident in your skills and realizing that the teachers you are working with want to see you achieve and the students are excited for you just to spend time with them.

Eileen teaching at Milwaukee German Immersion School

Eileen teaching at Milwaukee German Immersion School


I worked most closely under Melissa Arndt (Elias), a 2005 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College and 3rd grade teacher at MGIS.?She was an exemplary model and I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her.?She really engages the students and is very professional in how she carries out her classroom.?It’s wonderful to see the theories of our education classes in practice.?I also?worked in K4, K5, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms and?had the pleasure of seeing some other very effective teachers in action as well.?It was very impressive to watch the language acquisition as the children grow up, and amazing to see that even though they just started the language, they cognitively spoke at the same level that they would be if they had been speaking it all their life.


It was a wonderful blessing to tie my passion for German with my love of teaching in such a unique way.?After college, I hope to be able to teach at the German Immersion School.?I know the Lord will be guiding my footsteps and no matter where I go, he will find a way for me to use my talents.?


Eileen is looking forward to a Study Abroad opportunity at the Goethe Institute in G?ttingen, Germany, where she will be taking a German culture and grammar class for eight weeks this summer.?She will be?writing a blog?while she is overseas.?She plans to graduate from WLC in December of 2011.?For more information about Milwaukee German Immersion School, visit its website.

Reading at German Immersion School

February 25th, 2010

A project in one of the German classes is to prepare a children’s book and then go to the German Immersion School in Milwaukee and read the book to third graders. The teacher, Frau Arndt, is an alum of Wisconsin Lutheran College who is also a previous student of Professor Krause.