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April 28th, 2011

German 202 students Karlene and Caroline caught a break from their classes and recently worked together to make a tasty German dish. They selected a few dishes in class from one of Professor Krause’s cookbooks.


Frau Krause picked up the ingredients and brought along the supplies, then they had class in one of the residence hall kitchens.

The students made Geschnetzeltes (left), spaetzle, and green beans, and for dessert they made mousse-au-chocolate. It was nice to take a break from normal classes and enjoy some new dishes together!

Caroline blends the ingredients.

Caroline and Karlene sit down and enjoy the delicious meal they have made.

Culture night

April 11th, 2011

This past weekend the German 102 students had a culture night at Frau Krause’s house outside of Milwaukee.? Everyone was invited for popular German evening activities: games, movies, food, and a “Nachtwanderung” ? a nighttime hike through the woods.


Students enjoyed the spring weather by playing some intense rounds of ladder ball outside while it was still light out.? Afterward they came in to make spaetzle and watch Goodbye, Lenin, which is an interesting and entertaining film about German life after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also played a party board game that Frau Krause had from her own childhood.

After eating, Frau Krause led everyone outside and they had quite an adventure in the woods.? For many of the students, this was a new experience to go out in the woods at nighttime, and there was undoubtedly some angst? luckily, Frau Krause’s little dog was nearby!

In Germany, Nachwanderungen are a common pastime for many young people, and being outside of Milwaukee allowed the students to experience the popular activity the way a German would ? in nature.


After a fun evening, the students headed back to campus, but they are sure to remember the party for a long time.

Campus tour in German

April 7th, 2011

Last week, GER 102 students gave a tour – in German – of the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus to their classmates. Each student picked an area of the school that they wanted to talk about, they researched it for further information, and then as the students came to a different building or area, the expert shared their knowledge of that particular section of campus. The areas that were reported on included the Chapel, the Schwan Library, the Science Hall (below), the Center for Arts and Performance, and the REX (our Recreation Complex).

The students were allowed note cards, but their expertise really showed as they answered questions that the others had about each area. The students expanded their vocabulary through their need to explain what they found in their research and were able to connect an aspect of their life that they were familiar with to expressing what they knew in a foreign language ? and they had a great time doing it!