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How Can I Keep from Singing?

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2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Concerts &Uncategorized | 02 Mar 2013

And the Night Shall Be Filled with Music

Hello, everyone. I hope you?re having a splendid weekend. ?And the night shall be filled with music, and the cares that infest the day shall be banished like restless feelings and silently steal away.? This line is from ?The Day is Done?, one of the pieces sung on this tour by the Chamber Choir, which […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Uncategorized | 29 Mar 2012

Attention Aboard the Cabin….

Meghan documents the latest adventures on her journey to grad school…. ?Attention aboard the cabin, we are making our final descent into Indianapolis.? ?Is ?Faites-lui mes aveux? still your aria?? ?You got this, mezzo!? ?The practice rooms are sound-proof!!? ?The practice rooms are all full?? ?Let?s just take it from the ?Schicchi? section?? Over the […]

Uncategorized | 25 Feb 2011

Opera in a whole new light!

Wisconsin Lutheran Choir alto section leader Meghan talks about her internship at Skylight Opera Theatre. ?Okay, I need you to slam the couch with your fist, fall on your back, and kick with your downstage leg. One more thing: you have to sing your aria while doing this.? This is one of the many stage […]

Uncategorized | 22 Nov 2010

Choralfest Adventures!

Last weekend I traveled to Manitowoc Lutheran High School with fellow choir members Ben and Anna for the 2010 WELS Regional Choral Festival. Since Anna and I were both in the WLC musical over the weekend, we were only able to go to the Sunday Sacred Concert, but it was a treat to listen to […]

Uncategorized | 20 Sep 2010

Autumn rendezvous

With brilliant hues the wind Adorns the leaves with their autumn robes, who in turn paint the sky with their waves of crimson and copper and gold. Each autumn brings forth the changes of fragrance and vision and sensibility?we are brought together too, our hearts and voices. Alas, the gilded foliage of the beech and […]

Uncategorized | 15 Sep 2010

From the Desk of the Choir President

Dear Choir Family, I am honored to be writing you as the 2010-2011 Wisconsin Lutheran Choir President! After three unforgettable years in the choir, I expect this year to be a superior capstone to my Wisconsin Lutheran singing career. I’ve experienced so much with our beloved choir: from our cold and blustery tour of Wisconsin […]

Uncategorized | 26 Aug 2010

Welcome back to the choir blog!

It has been some time since I have come in contact with you. Come to think of it, it has been some time since I have been in contact with some of my friends from school! With the new school year less than a week away, there are lots of new arrivals on campus: new […]

Uncategorized | 12 May 2010

Farewell and God’s Blessings!

The time has come again to prepare the final selections, whittle down rehearsals and say goodbye to good friends after another successful and enjoyable school year. However, this goodbye is more permanent for the seniors as they venture away from WLC and cross the threshold of college to professional careers and responsibilities. This is true […]

Uncategorized | 27 Apr 2010

The End is Near

Dear Friends of the Choir, We are quickly approaching our final concert of the year! On April 30, the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir will present selections from Carmina Burana. This piece, composed by Carl Orff, was taken from 13th century secular Latin and Old German poetry. Many folks have heard the compositions’ most famous song, O […]

Uncategorized | 02 Apr 2010

Happy Easter!

It?s been awhile since I blogged, so I thought I would put one up over Easter break. Lots has happened since my last blog, most notable was the choir tour to the Southeastern, Eastern, and then back to Central United States. Our tour took us to over 15 states, across over 3000 miles, and we […]

Uncategorized | 29 Jan 2010

From the desk of the Choir President

Welcome, everyone, to the blog of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. We had an excellent start to our choral year, and we are so thankful to everyone who supported us in 2009! Our choir could not exist without your support and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! With a new year brings a […]

Uncategorized | 29 Jan 2010

How can I keep from singing?

As true to its nature, Wisconsin’s bitter winter would often taunt its inhabitants with a sliver of hope spring. On one of such days, I walked outside and was overwhelmed with the delicious scents of spring: the thawing earth, the melting icicles, and the first growth of green leaflets on the barren branches. Although snow […]

Uncategorized | 25 Nov 2009

High Energy and Audience Favorites

It is the start of Thanksgiving Break and every one on campus is excited for it, choir members included. However, we had one more rehearsal before everyone headed their separate ways for turkey and time with family. We spent a good deal of time on one of my favorite pieces ? Estampie Natalis by Vaclav […]

Uncategorized | 01 Oct 2009

Starting the Second Year

Hi my name is Mike K. and I’m a sophomore here at WLC. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be in my second year as a member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. Some of you may recognize me from last year’s choir blogs for the 2009 European Concert Tour or from blogging as […]

Uncategorized | 30 Sep 2009

Economic Terminology

If one were to describe the first weeks of school, would economic terminology be the first ones to come to mind? Allow me to explain: As far as motivation, sleep, and free time are concerned, it is a low-supply-and-high-demand market. Each year we seem to scramble constantly in order to achieve a certain point which […]

Uncategorized | 24 Sep 2009

New Year Bang

Wow! Back to another year of school! It’s so exciting to be back in choir! It’s great seeing old and new faces alike get together and do what we love to do: sing! Choir tour planning started off with a bang once we got back to school. I am honored to serve with two new […]

Uncategorized | 23 Sep 2009

Three Steps

1)?Pray 2)?Take a deep breath 3)?Sing! These three steps are the key to a successful tryout. As a second-year member, I still get unbelievably anxious and nervous, but I know whatever God has in store for me is what is going to happen for my good. I am very excited to start this new adventure […]

Uncategorized | 11 Sep 2009


Hello all, and welcome to the 2009-10 school year at WLC. This is my sophomore year and I still am pursuing a music education degree. This year I am the choral music student worker and also one of the student tour managers, so you may be hearing from me a lot from me this year. […]

Uncategorized | 04 Sep 2009

Choir Call-Backs

As I return to WLC this fall for my junior year, I’ve realized how much I have changed and grown over the past two years, and how many things are different in my life since I first arrived in 2007 as a scared and confused little freshman. I am happy to say, however, that one […]