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ACDA Student Chapter &Outreach | 08 Nov 2013

Choir Exchange with Hamilton HS Concert Choir

As a future music educator, nothing makes me happier than to see students get excited about music. I recently had a unique opportunity to see that excitement in 89 high school students when the Concert Choir from Hamilton High School (Sussex, WI) spent part of a school day on the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus. The […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Outreach | 08 Mar 2012

Come And Let Us Worship

Greetings, readers! Thanks be to God for bringing us thus far in the semester and for blessing us with refreshing spring weather this week. As we choir members take time to prepare for the 2012 Southeastern?Concert?Tour, many thoughts may be crossing our minds. The hustle and bustle of mid-term exams, projects, and daily homework certainly […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &ACDA Student Chapter &Concerts &Outreach | 30 Jan 2012

ACDA Student Chapter Update

Hello Choir Followers! ? I hope you all had yourselves wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations! ? This semester is going to be chock full of things for WLC’s American Choral Directors Association? (ACDA) student chapter members to do. On February 11th, we shall be seeing the St. Olaf Choir perform here in Milwaukee. That […]

General &Outreach | 22 Nov 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to New Berlin….

Hello choir followers! If you?ve been following along with the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir’s activities lately, you?ll know that we recently had a Sunday?morning?outing at Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in New Berlin,WI. If you weren?t able to attend, than let me tell you, it was a fantastic experience. The church is absolutely gorgeous and was […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Outreach | 22 Nov 2011

Star of Bethlehem Singout

  ?Suddenly jolted awake by the familiar sound of my cell phone alarm, I rubbed my eyes to look at the time. After struggling to make the connection why my sleep had been so rudely interrupted, I realized the reason for the early alarm. The Wisconsin Lutheran Choir was singing at Star of Bethlehem Lutheran […]

ACDA Student Chapter &Concerts &Outreach | 06 Oct 2011

Sharing the Love

Enjoy the first post by new blogger Alex…. Hello all! First of all, I would like to express my excitement for this year’s choir. It’s a younger group, which means young talent, and LOADS of potential for this year, as well as in years to come. This year, I’m the president of WLC’s student chapter […]

Outreach | 17 Sep 2010

NextDirection conference recap

Wisconsin Lutheran Choir alto Meghan and I attended NextDirection this past weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin. This conference was intended for high school music students aspiring to major in choral music education or general music in college. Meghan and I used this experience as not only a great recruiting activity for the college, but also […]

Concerts &Outreach | 09 Sep 2010

New faces, new places, new prayers

Welcome to a new school year! I would also like to welcome new singers to the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir and Chamber Choir. And welcome to new blog readers! It is going to be another exciting year, as you have already read from Rachel’s and Josh’s blogs. From being on Milwaukee Public Television at Christmas to […]

Outreach | 13 May 2010

Hello and Happy May!

This past month has been filled with many WLC music outreach opportunities, and it has been a blast to be a part of it. I am the Music Outreach Assistant for the music department, which means that I get to interact with high school music students and tell them about WLC’s music program and upcoming […]