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2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Choir Alumni &Concerts | 13 May 2013

Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor

Our tour home concerts are over, and now the work begins! Exam week is upon us, as last week we all frantically wrote papers, finished projects, and prepared for testing, all while the excitement for our United Kingdom and Ireland Concert Tour builds a little higher every day. Yet with the culmination of the school […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Concerts &Uncategorized | 02 Mar 2013

And the Night Shall Be Filled with Music

Hello, everyone. I hope you?re having a splendid weekend. ?And the night shall be filled with music, and the cares that infest the day shall be banished like restless feelings and silently steal away.? This line is from ?The Day is Done?, one of the pieces sung on this tour by the Chamber Choir, which […]

Concerts &General | 13 Dec 2012

Great Memories, Emotional Moments, and Close Friends….

Welcome to Nina, soprano section leader and our newest choir blogger! Hello Readers, and Merry Christmas! Well, our final concerts have ended, which leaves us seven weeks until we can sing together again. In these past three years of my time at WLC, I have found that the thing I look forward to the most […]

Concerts | 03 Dec 2012

One Family in Christ

Hello Lovers of Music, and Merry Christmas! I am currently sitting in the choir rehearsal hall as I write this. We just exited stage after the first set of songs for our second Christmas concert. As I write this I can?t help but look around at my fellow choir members and friends. A few are […]

Concerts | 03 Dec 2012

That Christmas Glow

Christmas is always my favorite time of year, and it?s especially fun to be at WLC around this time. As an art major, I spend most of my time in the beautifully decorated Fine Arts building. The spirit of Christmas is in every nook and cranny of that building, including the Schwan Concert Hall! Our […]

Concerts &General | 12 May 2012

Links of God’s Grace

We?re heading into exam week! The year has gone by so fast; I barely know what?s hit me! Last weekend was our final concert where we performed Dan Forrest?s Three Nocturnes. As is the custom, before each concert, we have a section meeting. These meetings usually consist of going over little things to remember about […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 02 Apr 2012

The Journey’s End Brings New Beginnings

?Well, it?s over.? This was my initial thought in the middle of the night as I quickly drifted off into sleep after returning home from our southeastern concert?tour. All of the behind-the scenes organizing, months of practice, and the eager anticipation were in the past. The climax of the choral year has so abruptly changed […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 17 Mar 2012

Homeward Bound

Written Friday evening…. Georgia greetings, Ya?ll! Today we made our way to Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Pooler, Georgia for our final full-length concert of the tour. At this point on tour, it is obvious that life on the road has begun to test our physical and mental endurance. Nonetheless, both choirs put on outstanding […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 16 Mar 2012

Back in the groove… for now

Written on the motorcoach Thursday afternoon…. After a wonderful free day spent in the Orlando area, the members of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir are ready for another concert experience. Tonight we perform at Victory Lutheran in Jacksonville. The concerts have been going splendidly and tour has been flying by. The hardest thing to realize is […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 15 Mar 2012

A Magical Free Day

It?s been a great tour so far. The concerts have been uplifting and the audiences, even more so. The hosts have been very gracious and very kind for opening their churches and homes to us. Free day was great. The choir was excited to get a day to relax and re-energize for the upcoming concerts. […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 14 Mar 2012

That’s right, we’re in FLORIDA!!

HOWDY! Goodbye snow and hellloooooooooooooo sunshine! Today [Monday, March 12] we arrived in the sunshine state of Florida! As we drove across the state line, a unison cry of ?hooray!? sounded on the tour bus. Sunshine, a warm breeze, and palm trees galore?needless to say, it is GOOD to be here. We just finished our […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 10 Mar 2012

As I Sit in the Sanctuary….

As I sit in the sanctuary at Peace Lutheran Church in Kokomo, Indiana, I think what a blessing it is to be a part of this awesome choir and the tour we?ve just started. We are going to start our first concert in approximately 45 minutes! One of the violinists was just practicing a bit […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 23 Feb 2012

In the Moment

Hello readers! I am feeling very excited and anxious for our upcoming concert?at Christ Lutheran Church in Pewaukee this weekend! We are incorporating some of our songs from the previous semester and adding some new beloved songs to the mix. Can I just say that our choir is sounding BEAUTIFUL! The songs that we have […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 14 Feb 2012

Music with a Message

Welcome to new choir blogger Courtney! Hey Fellow Choir Music Lovers! Can I just say that there is absolutely nothing like spreading God?s word through music? I grew up in the public schools similar to a handful of my friends in the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. I spent my grade school and high school years singing […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &ACDA Student Chapter &Concerts &Outreach | 30 Jan 2012

ACDA Student Chapter Update

Hello Choir Followers! ? I hope you all had yourselves wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations! ? This semester is going to be chock full of things for WLC’s American Choral Directors Association? (ACDA) student chapter members to do. On February 11th, we shall be seeing the St. Olaf Choir perform here in Milwaukee. That […]

Concerts &General | 09 Dec 2011

A Warrior Returns to Camp

Disclaimer: the following message is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure any musical conundrums. In fact, the scribbler of this blog is not a current student of the Wisconsin Lutheran College. Greetings from a former blogger and singer of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. The motto ?Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior? is perhaps a […]

Concerts &General | 08 Dec 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas

The theme of the Christmas concert, “What Wondrous Love Is This,” reminds us of the greatest gift that God has ever given us. The chance to share this message in song carries so much meaning, and sharing?the?message in with a full house gives the choir such a boost. The whole theme of the concert came […]

Concerts &General | 20 Oct 2011

Post-Concert Jitters and Choir Pics

Everyone has heard of pre-concert jitters, but what about post-concert jitters? The excitement and challenge of singing in front of a new audience and waiting for?their reactions is always something that has given me the jitters. This pre-concert excitement not only translates to the start of the concert when the stage is hot and the […]

Choir Alumni &Concerts &General | 13 Oct 2011

Music is a Sanctuary

Greetings, my fellow choir enthusiasts! Music is a sanctuary. It?s a place of hope, healing, rejuvenation, protection, solitude, and so much more. I?ve known this for several years now, but it has become more and more obvious to me over the past few months as I, ironically, feel the absence of choir in my life. […]

Concerts | 06 Oct 2011

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Welcome to new blogger Lisa…. Hello Everyone! I cannot believe that it is fall already. Where does the time go? Those of you who follow our choir know that fall is a very busy time for us. For starters, our Fall Showcase Concert is rapidly approaching. I am very excited and nervous! Everyone has been […]

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