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2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour &Choir Alumni | 09 Mar 2013

Hardly the Final Chapter

Although the Wisconsin?Weekend Tour has come and gone for the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir, one cannot argue that our job is done. In fact there is much more to come. Much more dedication, much more excitement, and much more reward for each choir member. Despite the completion of a successful weekend of beautiful music and strengthened […]

2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour | 03 Mar 2013


Liz shares her thoughts from Saturday evening, after the performance at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Baraboo, Wis. Hello, all! It always amazes me how music has an extraordinary way of bringing people together. By filling the sanctuary of St. John’s, Baraboo, with our unified voices, the members of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir demonstrated a […]

2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour | 02 Mar 2013

It may be a “mini tour,” but it’s a major beginning

The first?day of March marks also the first day of our 2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour, otherwise known as our “mini tour.” This is a major step in our journey for many reasons as we approach the spring United Kingdom and Ireland Tour. We now have the opportunity to share the beautiful music that we have […]

2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour | 01 Mar 2013

And We’re Off!

And we?re, off! Our first stop on our Wisconsin Weekend Tour is Winnebago Lutheran Academy to participate in a choir exchange (we sing for the WLA choir and they sing for us). The event has sparked a few memories from my transition from high school choir to the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. I can clearly remember […]

2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour &General | 25 Jan 2013

Getting Back into the Rhythm of Things

After almost five weeks of break, working, or J-term classes it is time to “hit the books” once again. Days quickly fill up with time in the classroom, hours in the library, group meetings, and campus jobs – something that, for most, seems to be a far cry from the preceeding weeks. Although it may […]