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2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Christmas Festival Concerts | 20 Dec 2013

Capturing Memories

We just finished exams last week and now I?m home and?I?m missing choir already. As fun as it is to come home, see my family, sleep in, and open a few presents, it?s really hard to beat the Christmas feelings you get at a choir concert ? especially if you?re singing in it. As a […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 04 Jun 2013

Magical Unity

A little over two weeks ago, I graduated from WLC and prepared to leave for my final choir tour. During this past semester, I?ve been trying to piece together my feelings about leaving the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. I?ve only been part of this choir for two years, but those years have been so important and […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 03 Jun 2013

Already Cherishing Memories

How does one even begin to describe the tour? Words alone cannot begin to explain the many wonders and adventures we all experienced during our travels. There were so many things. In England the weather was chilly for the majority of the time, but we experienced slightly warmer weather in Ireland. In England we all […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 03 Jun 2013

Blessed in Countless Ways

Exactly two weeks ago at this time, I was participating in a devotion in the Schwan Concert Hall and preparing for one last rehearsal before our departure. It all seems like a blur now as I look back on everything that has happened since then. Was I really in London for two days? Did I […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 27 May 2013

A Warm Welcome and a Heartfelt Goodbye

Greetings from Europe, everyone! We?ve reached the halfway point of our European adventure! As we cross the sea to Ireland aboard the beautiful Ulysses Irish Ferry, I cannot help but reflect on the memories made during our week in England. Our travels through cities such as London, Cambridge, and Stratford-upon-Avon led us to the town […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 26 May 2013

Half Way and Still so Much to Come….

It is astonishing to imagine that our tour is already halfway done. It literally seems like yesterday that we boarded the London coaches and taking a brief tour of the city. (I will miss the comfortable coach buses.) Right now we are on the Ulysses ferry and traveling to the enchanting land of Ireland. Like […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 24 May 2013

A Plastic Bag

From Friday, May 24 Hello, all. I’m sure someone else has mentioned the remarkable lack of Wi-fi here (and if not, there’s a remarkable lack of Wi-fi here). This has made updating the blog rather difficult, but here we are. Before we departed Dublin International Airport a few days ago, I happened to look out […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 24 May 2013

Cultural Immersion

From Friday, May 24 Hello, everyone! At the moment the choir is headed for Bamford on our typical two coach buses. Yes, we still ride these giant vehicles even across the seas. We’re all anxiously awaiting meeting our new host families for the next two nights. These will be native families from England, which I […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 24 May 2013

Travel Updates from Stratford-upon-Avon

Hello everyone! Special greetings from Stratford-upon-Avon, England! After seeing Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave, and having the opportunity to sing in Holy Trinity Church, we are on our way to Bamford, England. We have had quite a whirlwind tour these past few days, and there is much more to come! God has richly blessed our experiences […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 22 May 2013

Although the singing hasn’t begun, the Arts have!

Anna’s Blog May 21-Tuesday Hello Everyone! Our tour has begun and although the singing hasn’t started, the arts have definitely been experienced during our stop in London. At Westminster Abbey, the music people (those who have studied composers especially) were able to see and appreciate Handel’s grave. A few of the theatre people traveled to […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Choir Alumni | 18 May 2013

Family Matters

The countdown is here!! In less than 48 hours we travel to the United Kingdom for the adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. Well-wishes have been offered and numerous phone calls/emails have been exchanged between tour roommates to see who will be bringing what. With all of the excitement in the air it?s […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &General | 13 May 2013

Packing Ponderings

It?s that time of year again?packing season. The season crammed in between the rush of school and the equally ?packed? summer. Nostalgia hits as I gather up all of my possessions that I have managed to accumulate over my last full academic year while I frantically scramble to clean up the disaster that I?ve left […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Choir Alumni &Concerts | 13 May 2013

Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor

Our tour home concerts are over, and now the work begins! Exam week is upon us, as last week we all frantically wrote papers, finished projects, and prepared for testing, all while the excitement for our United Kingdom and Ireland Concert Tour builds a little higher every day. Yet with the culmination of the school […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &2013 Wisconsin Weekend Tour &Choir Alumni | 09 Mar 2013

Hardly the Final Chapter

Although the Wisconsin?Weekend Tour has come and gone for the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir, one cannot argue that our job is done. In fact there is much more to come. Much more dedication, much more excitement, and much more reward for each choir member. Despite the completion of a successful weekend of beautiful music and strengthened […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 02 Mar 2013

Feeling at home on tour

Hello Everyone! It?s that time of year again! Whether it’s a three-day tour or our usual weeklong tour, all tours share a familiar feeling. Today is just the second day, and we seem to have settled into our routine. We stayed with our first host families last night, and the consensus is that we all […]

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Concerts &Uncategorized | 02 Mar 2013

And the Night Shall Be Filled with Music

Hello, everyone. I hope you?re having a splendid weekend. ?And the night shall be filled with music, and the cares that infest the day shall be banished like restless feelings and silently steal away.? This line is from ?The Day is Done?, one of the pieces sung on this tour by the Chamber Choir, which […]