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2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 02 Apr 2012

The Journey’s End Brings New Beginnings

?Well, it?s over.? This was my initial thought in the middle of the night as I quickly drifted off into sleep after returning home from our southeastern concert?tour. All of the behind-the scenes organizing, months of practice, and the eager anticipation were in the past. The climax of the choral year has so abruptly changed […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 02 Apr 2012

That’s How We Roll

Hello Choir Followers! It is now our third week back at school after our choir tour down to the southeastern US. We all had a fantastic time bonding over Disney World, the beach, our terrific concerts, and how full we were after meals and in between. I want to take a second to thank all […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Uncategorized | 29 Mar 2012

Attention Aboard the Cabin….

Meghan documents the latest adventures on her journey to grad school…. ?Attention aboard the cabin, we are making our final descent into Indianapolis.? ?Is ?Faites-lui mes aveux? still your aria?? ?You got this, mezzo!? ?The practice rooms are sound-proof!!? ?The practice rooms are all full?? ?Let?s just take it from the ?Schicchi? section?? Over the […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 17 Mar 2012

Homeward Bound

Written Friday evening…. Georgia greetings, Ya?ll! Today we made our way to Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Pooler, Georgia for our final full-length concert of the tour. At this point on tour, it is obvious that life on the road has begun to test our physical and mental endurance. Nonetheless, both choirs put on outstanding […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 16 Mar 2012

Back in the groove… for now

Written on the motorcoach Thursday afternoon…. After a wonderful free day spent in the Orlando area, the members of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir are ready for another concert experience. Tonight we perform at Victory Lutheran in Jacksonville. The concerts have been going splendidly and tour has been flying by. The hardest thing to realize is […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 15 Mar 2012

A Magical Free Day

It?s been a great tour so far. The concerts have been uplifting and the audiences, even more so. The hosts have been very gracious and very kind for opening their churches and homes to us. Free day was great. The choir was excited to get a day to relax and re-energize for the upcoming concerts. […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 14 Mar 2012

A “Well-Oiled Machine”

Hello Choir Followers, Right now I am sitting on the bus listening to so many different things going on. I have a group next to me playing a card game, groups in front of me talking, groups behind me watching movies, and I?m sitting here writing to everyone reading, which brings me to my favorite […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 14 Mar 2012

That’s right, we’re in FLORIDA!!

HOWDY! Goodbye snow and hellloooooooooooooo sunshine! Today [Monday, March 12] we arrived in the sunshine state of Florida! As we drove across the state line, a unison cry of ?hooray!? sounded on the tour bus. Sunshine, a warm breeze, and palm trees galore?needless to say, it is GOOD to be here. We just finished our […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 14 Mar 2012

On the Bus to Lawrenceville, GA

Hello choir followers! This is my first blog of this year?s Southeastern Choir Tour, so I?ve got some catching up to do. Here?s what I’ve got so far. The first day (Friday) was basically a day full of driving. We drove all the way to Kokomo, IN, which incidentally is the name of one of […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 10 Mar 2012

Kokomo Postcard

Greetings from Kokomo, Indiana! The trees are huge, the fast food is plentiful, and ever-present stop lights complement the vast array of wilderness. One great attraction in this fabulous city (and I mean great) is the world?s largest steer.? The steer is a beast which you wouldn?t want to wrangle! This enormous stuffed steer attracts […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 10 Mar 2012

As I Sit in the Sanctuary….

As I sit in the sanctuary at Peace Lutheran Church in Kokomo, Indiana, I think what a blessing it is to be a part of this awesome choir and the tour we?ve just started. We are going to start our first concert in approximately 45 minutes! One of the violinists was just practicing a bit […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Outreach | 08 Mar 2012

Come And Let Us Worship

Greetings, readers! Thanks be to God for bringing us thus far in the semester and for blessing us with refreshing spring weather this week. As we choir members take time to prepare for the 2012 Southeastern?Concert?Tour, many thoughts may be crossing our minds. The hustle and bustle of mid-term exams, projects, and daily homework certainly […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 23 Feb 2012

In the Moment

Hello readers! I am feeling very excited and anxious for our upcoming concert?at Christ Lutheran Church in Pewaukee this weekend! We are incorporating some of our songs from the previous semester and adding some new beloved songs to the mix. Can I just say that our choir is sounding BEAUTIFUL! The songs that we have […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 19 Feb 2012

A Few “Minor Adjustments”

Hello! We?re into the swing of things here in the second semester, and we?re really getting into our spring tour pieces! The choir recently had another Tour Notes day. We learned a little more about what we?ll be doing on tour, and all the choir?members have been assigned to their crews with specific jobs to […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 14 Feb 2012

Music with a Message

Welcome to new choir blogger Courtney! Hey Fellow Choir Music Lovers! Can I just say that there is absolutely nothing like spreading God?s word through music? I grew up in the public schools similar to a handful of my friends in the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. I spent my grade school and high school years singing […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 07 Feb 2012

Preparing to Witness through Song and Actions

Warm weather is on its way for the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. As tour comes up soon I am excited to take my last choir tour as a Student Tour Manager. Choir is in the first weeks of class, and we are also in the advanced stages for planning the upcoming tour to Indiana, Georgia, Florida, […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &ACDA Student Chapter &Concerts &Outreach | 30 Jan 2012

ACDA Student Chapter Update

Hello Choir Followers! ? I hope you all had yourselves wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations! ? This semester is going to be chock full of things for WLC’s American Choral Directors Association? (ACDA) student chapter members to do. On February 11th, we shall be seeing the St. Olaf Choir perform here in Milwaukee. That […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 29 Jan 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

As the second semester begins, the six-week layoff is a blessing and a curse. It is really nice to get away from the books and rest the mind, but it is also that more difficult to get back in the swing of things. That being said, choir is always a refreshing change-of-pace compared to the […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General &Outreach | 22 Nov 2011

Star of Bethlehem Singout

  ?Suddenly jolted awake by the familiar sound of my cell phone alarm, I rubbed my eyes to look at the time. After struggling to make the connection why my sleep had been so rudely interrupted, I realized the reason for the early alarm. The Wisconsin Lutheran Choir was singing at Star of Bethlehem Lutheran […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts | 06 Oct 2011

Senior Year Anticipation!

As senior year approaches? well, it has already started! It seems like just yesterday I was walking into the Center for Arts and Performance auditioning for the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir, and now I’m honored to be the alto section leader looking ahead to a fantastic final year of choir! Recently I watched my 2009 European […]