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2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

In awe

Dear Choir Friends, I am in awe. I really am. As a senior, I have experienced many different emotions throughout the course of this tour. There has been joy, sorrow, excitement, contentment, and everything in between. I have also had the opportunity to reflect back on the tours I have been a part of, and […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

Day 8: Chicago and returning journey

Walking the streets of downtown Chicago made me acknowledge the cloistered spinster that I have become. Indeed there lies the rest of the world beyond my collegiate studies. As our small group burrowed through the crowds, I recalled to have read how Jesus was acutely aware of people, that more than anyone, He knew the […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

The home stretch

Thoughts from Friday… After a long bus ride on Thursday, it was really nice to have a good concert in Middleton, Wisconsin, see family again, and stay with a great host family. Quinten, who’s also blogging as I write, and his family provided a homestay for the night. They were super nice to all of […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

All roads lead home

Quinten shares his thoughts on Friday, March 18, as the on-the-road portion of the 2011 Midwest Concert Tour nears its inevitable conclusion. With only two concerts left, the focus has shifted from the excitement of being on tour to getting home. Through the past week, we slept in six different beds and sang in five […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

Back to Wisconsin

Hello again, choir friends! On Thursday, we started our travel from Minnesota to return to the great homeland of Wisconsin! Our trip lasted about six hours; however, we had a stop about midway in a church very familiar to some choir members. Just past the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, our coaches stopped in La Crosse and we […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 21 Mar 2011

Hello again from the Choir Tour!

Our free day on Wednesday was spent in the Twin Cities, and it was an eventful day indeed! I went on the shuttle to the Mall of America in the morning, and that night I walked to the Guthrie Theater with a group of choir folk to see a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 18 Mar 2011

A day in the (tour) life

My roommate, Brent, and I awoke Tuesday morning to the ambrosial aroma of bacon permeating the farmhouse at which we were staying. We wandered downstairs to find the kitchen table adorned by a smorgasbord of breakfast victuals. Bacon and sausage links (from our host family?s hogs), blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee, milk, and juice were […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 17 Mar 2011

Quenching our thirst

“Can you hand me a water?” “How many more waters are left?” These are a few things I hear on a regular basis sitting in front of the bus with the water bottles at my feet (one of the things I get to do as a student tour manager). I pass back water, quenching the […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 16 Mar 2011

A lasting impression

Greetings choir friends! Choir tour never gets old. You would think by my fourth year in choir, I would have it all down pat.? Instead, the ease of packing is still beyond my grasp, sleep still eludes me the night before tour begins, and adrenaline still flows through my body before every concert.? On Sunday, […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 16 Mar 2011

It’s like falling in love again

I’ve been warned by people who have come and gone before me that the last choir tour is always the most tender and most painful. They were right. My reluctance to acknowledge the end of my choir life is futile. Each concert of this last tour is a thundering blow of the “Soon-to-be-a-Graduate” axe on […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 14 Mar 2011

On the road again!

Saturday as we embarked on our 2011 Midwest Concert Tour, I thought about my fast transition between my internship with the Skylight Opera Theatre and this concert tour. As the directing intern, I got a sneak peak into the lives of professional performers. Throughout this experience, I discovered that there are many parallels between their […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 14 Mar 2011

On our way

Day two on our tour took us from my home town of Black River Falls (and a great breakfast; thanks mom) to Onalaska. However, before we left, I think most choir members had an experience that a lot of “traditional” (for lack of a better word) WELS members don’t get: a mission congregation worship setting. […]

2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 14 Mar 2011

Switching gears

Hey Everybody, Joshua here on my last choir tour. That statement does not seem realistic to me, but as the tour progresses, I’m sure it will become evident. One cannot describe all that goes into a tour. And, one must remember that all choir members are also students. The week before tour was very stressful […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 07 Mar 2011

We are here to sing

Welcome to Quinten, the newest member of the choir blog team. Why do we sing? It seems simple enough, but consider the schedule that every choir member keeps. Personally, I’m running from eight in the morning until I finally get back to my apartment around ten at night. Then it’s time to do some homework. […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 24 Feb 2011

March toward tour

As the calendar almost turns to March, we are reminded here in Wisconsin that we are not done with winter yet. That being said, it is almost time for spring break and the Choir Tour?2011 version. I am especially excited this year because we are heading back to my hometown, Black River Falls, Wisconsin. In […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 17 Feb 2011


Alyssa G. has joined the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir blog team as our first alumni writer. Welcome, Alyssa! I was starkly reminded of what was missing in my life as I entered the Wolf Rehearsal Hall last Thursday. I was entering it not as a choir member, but as an audience member. The feelings that used […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 17 Feb 2011

Tour Preparations in Full Swing

At more than halfway through February, and in the fourth week of the semester, the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir is hard at work preparing for our March tour. When I say hard at work, I do mean it! Learning and memorizing a new set of music in a month and a half is no easy feat. […]