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How Can I Keep from Singing?

2014 Great Lakes Concert Tour | 22 Mar 2014

Just Keep Swimming! (a blog post by Courtney and Sydney)

Here’s a little retrospective from Days 1 and 2 of our Great Lakes Concert Tour, as shared by Courtney and Sydney, a.k.a. “The Giovinazzo Twins”

FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin, and ESCANABA, Michigan –

Gio Twins

Syd and Court “Just Keep Swinging!”

We went to bed at 1:00am. At 2:00am the clocks turned forward to 3:00am. In the wee hours of the morning at 6:30am, I woke up to Syd singing, ?You are so beautiful to me!? I thought about hitting her in the head with my pillow but I couldn?t muster up the strength to actually do so. The two of us finished getting ready and sat down to eat a wonderful breakfast with our host mom who was student tour manager Dan’s grandmother. She told us so many funny stories and laughed as we shared our own stories. I still to this day can honestly say I have always had wonderful host families on choir tours!

We then packed up our bags and headed for the church at 7:45am. When we got there we found out?that one of our motorcoaches?had broken down before it could even make it to the parking lot of the church. We were instructed to at least pack the bus that?had made it back to church?so that?we could quickly get going as soon as the new bus arrived. While we waited, Syd got a bright idea. ?Let?s go play on the swings!? she cried. So, excitedly, like little children, we hurried outside to the playground just next to the church. After we satisfied the children inside ourselves talking through the cup telephones, sliding across the bridge, and attempting but failing to climb the monkey bars we were once so talented at, we headed toward the bus to start finding a seat. Dorothy Nowack, our fearless tour manager, lovingly told us how crazy we were as she laughed at the silliness that was happening before her eyes. We were also instructed to gather up the waiting choir members?since the new bus was on its way. Away we leapt and danced into the church to convey the message. ?Assemble da minions!? Sydney called as we ran into the church. How we have this kind of taking generic Ambien online https://www.topcanadianpharmacy.org/product/ambien/.

Soon enough we were on the bus and headed to Green Bay for brunch, our second meal in two and a half hours. We pulled up to the Old Country Buffet at approximately 10:00am, and were welcomed by the sight and smell of mac and cheese, fried chicken, tacos, ice cream, and slushies?and they called this brunch? While there, Jacob? discovered the secret to curing a brain freeze, and Lydia discovered that the whole plate of food she had eaten was the same color (you know what they say). Promptly at 10:50am, we loaded the bus and headed off to Salem Lutheran Church in Escanaba, a.k.a. “Enchilada” to Coltyn. Somewhere along the way, we crossed the time zone into Eastern time, ?We?re on home time now!? I, Syd,?exclaimed to Court. Though, at this point, I lost all recognition of how to tell time with the multiple time changes. So sometime between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, we arrived at Salem Lutheran welcomed by a delicious dinner and an ice cream bar following our concert, and a pink-adornedGios at FDL nursery room for the men?s changing room.

Between 5:00pm and 7:00pm, the choir had dispersed, either to host families or hotel rooms. Court and I dashed to our own room 205, feeling the slightest bit sorry for the poor souls who had to room us. ?Now what?? room 205 asked each other as we lay on our beds trying to get up. Thankfully, Amanda had peanut butter and jelly trail mix for rejuvenation, and with that we headed down to the apparently luxurious Jacuzzi and pool. As we neared the pool room, we heard evidence of a clan of people singing. What was supposed to be a relaxing ?night at the spa? turned into a Frozen-themed, lukewarm hot tub experience; not quite what we expected. Then again, spontaneity breeds memories.

At 7:40pm we noticed that the hotel clock said 6:40pm so we had no idea what the correct time was. Everyone?s phones read something different. Then Court turned to me and said, ?we just lost two hours of sleep?? We laughed about that for a good five minutes, ?better get to sleep now if I want to get 9 hours of sleep!? said Brittany. As our dear friend and fellow choir member, Abby, said as she worked her way through the crowded hall of the church to her spot in line, ?just keep swimming, just keep swimming.? That is what we do. We just keep swimming when things don’t go as planned?or are out of our control. We are a well-oiled machine, as Court always says. Constantly rolling with the punches and continuing to swim through tour and its challenges. It always makes for good memories. Just keep swimming!

Syd and Court

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