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How Can I Keep from Singing?

2014 Great Lakes Concert Tour | 11 Mar 2014

Waiting to Spring Forth

As our bus lumbers over the top of Lake Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge, and down to Frankenmuth, we have passed thousands of standing trees. Every time I look out the window, trees rush past. Many of the trees are hardwoods. Their brown skeletons stand solemnly against the gray sky. In contrast to these statuesque timbers, evergreens spruce up the horizon, creating welcomed breaks in the brown drone that runs through my field of view. These trees keep their color throughout the year.? They serve as a reminder that though the forest may look as dead as a field of gravestones it is still full of life, just waiting for spring to bring forth its hidden beauty. This beauty of creation proclaims the glory of God. In the same way that a few evergreens serve as a reminder of life in the winter forest, our music reminds the audience of the eternal praises we will all sing someday in heaven. We even have green robes!


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