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2014 Great Lakes Concert Tour &General | 11 Mar 2014

Abiding in Michigan

I am writing this blog post from Frankenmuth, Michigan. We just performed our third concert of the tour. The day involved a long bus ride, but our concert this evening at Bronner Performing Arts Center was presented by King of Kings Ev. Lutheran Church, and it was wonderful. I thought it was our best so far. The choir worked together to keep blend within voice parts and sang with beautiful tone. Something Dr. Nowack told us about music stood out to me tonight. He said, ?In every performance we must re-create our music, it does not come automatically.? Our choir achieved this; we worked hard for it!

I am a junior transfer student from Martin Luther College, and this is my first Wisconsin Lutheran Choir tour. I would say that my favorite part about our concert is joining hands to sing Abide with Me. This song is powerful because of the lyrics and the music surrounding them. I find great joy sharing this fine text and emotion with our audience. It is safe to say that this song means a lot to our choir. I would be lying if I did not say that the last verse did not make me tear up. And with that I would love for you to ponder this and know that we are sharing the Gospel and God?s word with many in Michigan and soon Canada.

Abide With Me: I fear no foe with thee at hand to bless, ills have to weight and tears no bitterness. Where is death?s sting? O grave thy victory? I triumph still if though abide with me.?


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