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2014 Great Lakes Concert Tour | 10 Mar 2014

First Stop & Feeling On Top

Kimberly writes about Day One of our tour?.?

The Lord has blessed the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir with another wonderful tour opportunity. Today we headed out for Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Kimberlyand received a sunny sendoff from family and friends. I think everyone is excited for the academic break and a chance to see new things off campus. Our first stop was lunch and Bublitz?s, a family restaurant buffet-style, followed by a 13-eam bowling tournament. Several photos have been taken and will be posted soon.

Our first concert stop was at Faith Lutheran Church, and we were fortunate to be able to attend a Saturday night church service that talked about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. It just goes to show that we can praise and serve God anywhere at any time and in any way. The concert was a wonderful success and attended by many. Eric Whitacre?s?Alleluia?and?Abide With Me?were especially memorable.

Afterward, we spent the evening with our host families and had the opportunity to grow further in fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. With night one done and feeling on top of the world, I?m glad to share this experience with so many wonderful people and cannot wait to see what tomorrow and the rest of tour brings.


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