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Anna B

2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour &Christmas Festival Concerts | 20 Dec 2013

Capturing Memories

We just finished exams last week and now I?m home and?I?m missing choir already. As fun as it is to come home, see my family, sleep in, and open a few presents, it?s really hard to beat the Christmas feelings you get at a choir concert ? especially if you?re singing in it. As a senior, these Christmas concerts were my last ones with my choir family, and I?m happy to say that they were some of the best performances I think this choir has had in my four years with them. Thank you to all who came and listened! I hope you enjoyed it.

"View from the Rock of Cashel"

“View from the Rock of Cashel”

I also wanted to take a minute to share a few works that I finished over this past semester. I will be graduating in May with a BA in art and hope to enter graduate school in the fall to receive my Master of Fine Arts ? the terminal degree in art. The oil paintings shown below were a part of the Islands & Lights: A Creative Arts Exhibition of WLC Art and Music Departments? Overseas Tours in the Schlueter Art Gallery this past fall. Inspired by the international concert tour I was able to go on with the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir last spring, these pieces were very fun to make ? especially as I remembered all the great memories from the trip. I am planning to make more pieces using the reference photos I took throughout the tour, but for now, I hope you enjoy these!

The first piece is ?A View from the Rock of Cashel,? showing the Rock of Cashel in ????Ireland. Choir members stand off to the right as they walk on the rolling hills of the Irish landscape. I found the view of the sky and land and the physical structure of the Rock of Cashel itself, run down with history and constant tourists, as such a neat and immense juxtaposition to the tiny figures taking it all in. As a choir, I think we constantly felt an overwhelming awe at the glory of God?s creation and the lands we were able to see outside of Wisconsin, USA.

"Capturing the Cathedral"

“Capturing the Cathedral”

The second piece is ?Capturing the Cathedral.? Taking in the many cathedrals as tourists, as well as having the chance to sing?in them, was quite the experience. In this piece, I hoped to show the almost hectic feel of walking into such a large cathedral. This particular cathedral is St. Patrick?s in Dublin, Ireland. By far one of the largest cathedrals we sang in the whole tour, the crowds that day were also just as big. As tourists, as well as members of the choir, I caught this moment as a bunch of us tried to take in the cathedral before we sang. Interesting how our ?taking in? of such a wonderful piece of architecture is capturing it through a camera lens?Luckily for us, we got to experience the glory of one of God?s houses as we sang praises to him in front of the altar seen in the background of my painting.

Galway Bay small

“Galway Bay”

The next piece is ?Galway Bay.? During a walk with a few members of the choir in Galway, Ireland the night we arrived, this view caught my attention as the sun was going down. Almost like a picture postcard, the nice composition created by the colorfully painted houses in the background and the boats in the foreground make for an enjoyable painting. There were many of these beautiful scenes throughout our tour of Europe.

The final pieces are sketches I made throughout the tour showing?other tourist spots we saw and cathedrals or cafes we stopped at. I was so happy I brought my sketchbook along to make live drawings of the places and people I saw.

Merry Christmas to you all, and I can?t wait to sing for you all again in the spring!



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