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ACDA Student Chapter &Outreach | 08 Nov 2013

Choir Exchange with Hamilton HS Concert Choir

Hamilton High School's Concert Choir participates in a workshop with Dr. Nowack

Hamilton High School’s Concert Choir participates in a workshop with Dr. Nowack

As a future music educator, nothing makes me happier than to see students get excited about music. I recently had a unique opportunity to see that excitement in 89 high school students when the Concert Choir from Hamilton High School (Sussex, WI) spent part of a school day on the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus. The event was led by our student chapter of ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) with the help of other concert choir members.

The day began with tours from WLC’s Ambassador Club, and I can honestly say I learned new things about my school, even as a senior! It?s amazing how unaware I was of the things that go on in our science department. I?m very glad I decided to go along on the tour with the students! The high school choir members then participated in a workshop with Dr. Nowack, an event I would have liked to witness as well but sadly had to miss due to other classes.

My favorite part of the day was the choir exchange.?Wisconsin Lutheran Choir members?listened to the high school choir sing a few songs, one of which was directed by former WLC choir member Quinten Petersen. It was so neat to see one of our past members living his dream! I was incredibly impressed by the high school?choir and thought they were very strong at such a young age. Our choir then sang a few selections from our fall concert. The response of the high school students was unbelievable and so encouraging for us. I don?t think I?ve ever seen a group get so excited about a choral performance!

Spending just a few hours with the Hamilton High School Concert Choir has given me more motivation to keep pushing toward my goal in music education. God always knows when we need a little encouragement, and those high schoolers could not have come at a more perfect time in my life. God is good!


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