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How Can I Keep from Singing?

Christmas Festival Concerts &General | 10 Oct 2013

Once You Enter Those Doors…

?My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul.? (Psalm 108:1)

Greetings and Welcome,

After a beautiful and adventurous summer, the school year has begun with equal excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead; and nothing gives me greater joy than to be reunited with the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir and Chamber Choir. It fills me with joy when old choir members can welcome new faces and voices into the family; and hearing Dr. Nowack speak those famous words, ?Once you enter those doors, all the problems of the outside world don?t exist. We are here for the next fifty minutes to praise God.?


BRFs: a long-standing choir tradition!

Those fifty minutes are the highlight of many students? day, from the bonding activities to the much-needed BRF. (Old and new members look on this acronym with a smile.) We don?t just ?sing our heart out?, we sing with our souls because we believe the message of what we are singing. Our musical repertoire, after a successful Fall Showcase Concert, begins to focus on the upcoming Christmas season and our annual?Christmas Festival Concert series.

While some groan about the idea of Christmas shopping, the decorations, and the winter weather; I still get chills down my spine thinking about all the different ways of telling the story of the birth of Christ and what He came to this earth to do. We have started with pieces like Matthew Culloton’s arrangement of?Angels We Have Heard on High and Vivaldi’s Gloria ? which already sounded pretty good at the first-time sight reading.

The blessings and the opportunities that the choir experiences over the years are beyond comparison. The people we meet, the relationships we make, and the knowledge we share really do make us a family of believers. I?m looking forward to another wonderful year of fellowship and can?t wait to share our music.


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