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How Can I Keep from Singing?

General | 10 Oct 2013

Music Speaks Louder Than Words

The cliche ?music speaks louder than words? has held true this semester. Music touches in ways that nothing else can. It is our universal language that is used to express life. Music, unlike words alone,?touches not only our thoughts, but our hearts as well.

A few weeks ago, my beloved Nana (grandma) passed away. While she is rejoicing in heaven, we are mourning here on earth. I was unable to find any way to express my feelings of her loss until a recent choir rehearsal. How Can I Keep From Singing rang through the rehearsal hall, and it expressed all the emotion that I felt. Our music turned from a simple tune to a prayer that entered my every being. The music brought me?the?comfort and peace that nothing else could in that moment.

Now, our campus mourns the loss of our mentor, colleague, and friend, Dean Joel Mischke. As we sing Abide With Me in memory of Dean Mischke, it is my hope that prayerful music will bring comfort and a sense of peace to those who grieve. Music is a piece heaven on earth. What better way to express our joys, sorrows, and beliefs than through music.


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