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Fall Mini Retreat &General | 09 Oct 2013

Here’s to Another Year With the Family

What a blessing it is to be reunited with my choir family once again! Last year at this time, I had barely been introduced into the family and did not yet quite understand the “magical

Sydney instructing Christian on the finer points of mummy wrapping.

Sydney instructing Christian on the finer points of mummy wrapping.

unity” that alumna, Melody, spoke of in her blog post?earlier this year. It is incredible to think that already a full year has passed since my first audition, and I cannot contain my excitement for the experiences that will create this year’s memories. The first of these experiences began with the mini choir retreat. After postponing the first date due to inclement weather, God gave us a beautiful day to celebrate the reunion of returning members and the welcome to new members.

The retreat was held at the beautiful Elm Grove Village Park for an afternoon getaway from the crazy reality of WLC life. We were not the only family that had the idea of a Sunday cookout, as we politely invaded the green?where another family had been residing for the afternoon. We were joined by past choir members, and I saw?people sprinting across the lawn to greet the beloved alums.

After initial introductions, the events of the afternoon were filled with making lemonade, rolling cookies down our faces, mummifying each other in rolls of toilet paper, M&M throwing competitions, and not to mention acting like a herd of exceptionally unrelated animals, an activity that has repeated itself from the past year. Dinner was served “cook-out” style, thanks to our wonderful grillers, Dan, Danny, and Peter; followed by personal testimonials from the alums Jon, Peter, and Nina. Along with specific advice to each section which included telling the sopranos to learn to share the melody for once! Laughs were certainly not Dinnertime2lacking. Nevertheless, it was truly a blessing to see the unparalleled dedication of members, even after they have graduated, and it was? real treat to have them back for the day. A family certainly never forgets.

The evening came to a close as the embers from the grill slowly began to fade, leaving us with little time to whip up pudgie pies for dessert. Members were sent off, hands full of left-over goodies, and a night filled with memories to store in the choir file of the mind. The best part was watching members, both veteran and novice, interact with each other as if they had already known each other for a lifetime. It is my wish that the new members received a taste of what it means to be a part of the family, and that this initial reunion was the perfect kick-off to what is going to be an amazing year!


P.S. You can see our retreat photo album here.

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