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2014 Great Lakes Concert Tour &Choir Alumni &General | 27 Sep 2013

Memories in the Making: Connected to Generations of Wisconsin Lutheran Choir Alums

Hello Music Lovers!

We are already five weeks into the start of my senior year of college; my last year of school ever. It is the ultimate feeling of bittersweet I have as I look around at my fellow choir members, all of which by now, are either in my class or younger than me. I can?t help but wonder if the seniors, my freshman year felt the same feeling as I do in this moment. It is incredible to think that I have spent four years in this choir; four extremely blessed years to have had the chance to sing my heart out in praises to God.

Freshman YearThere have been ups and downs, but I cannot and will not forget the countless memories I have made through these four years. I have made friends in this choir that I will keep for the rest of my life. It will be strange to take part of the last concerts of my last school year, my last Fall Showcase Concert, my last Christmas Festival Concert, my last spring concert; to go on my last performance tour and sing with the choir for the last time on my graduation day; sign up for my last tour roommate group with my wonderful sister who I am so blessed to share these memories with; and to wear my dark green robe one last time.

These all sound like sad moments and make me slightly teary at the thought of them, but each one reminds me of how wonderful every memory and moment has been. I only had tears in my eyes at the end of our last United Kingdom and Ireland Concert Tour performance, because every memory has been incredible up to that point, and I will only have tears in my eyes on graduation day, standing with the choir, because I will be reminded of how greatly God has blessed me with my chance to sing for the Wisconsin Lutheran?Choir. These are tears of joy.

Yes, there will be some pain in those tears, but only because a wonderful daily blessing is coming to an end. That doesn?t mean, however, that we should be sad, but instead that we should rejoice because we can look back at pictures and talk to our friends to remind ourselves of the amazing times we?ve had that we will treasure dearly. And, we can share those memories with the new members of choir so that they can look forward to their amazing times to come.

I look forward to how wonderful this year is going to be, and I cannot wait to come to future concerts after I have graduated, knowing and witnessing the new choir members having just as much fun as I did. It is a connection that we often forget about. We are connected with generations of Wisconsin Lutheran Choir members through the wonderful memories we?ve made, the music we?ve sung, the praising we?ve done, and the wonderful choir director that we?ve all come to know and love.

But, the year isn?t over yet. It is only beginning. Yes, it will fly by because it always does, but we have a lot to look forward to starting with our Fall Showcase Concert on October 4th and 5th at 7:30pm. Please come and support us. Our mission to spread God?s word as a choir would be nothing without the incredible followers that we have. Let us all join together to praise God for the blessings that he has given us and will continue to give us, even when another blessing is nearing its conclusion. God is good and ?works for the good of those who love him.?


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