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2013 United Kingdom and Ireland Tour | 03 Jun 2013

Already Cherishing Memories

Class of 2013!

Class of 2013!

How does one even begin to describe the tour? Words alone cannot begin to explain the many wonders and adventures we all experienced during our travels. There were so many things. In England the weather was chilly for the majority of the time, but we experienced slightly warmer weather in Ireland. In England we all stayed with magnificent host families. In my opinion, these were the best experiences I have ever had with host families, most likely because we got to spend two nights with each family, creating even stronger bonds.

Another favorite memory was being in Stratford-upon-Avon. where we all got to tour Shakespeare’s birthplace and perform in Holy Trinity Church. Several of us students even got to see a Shakespeare play while we were there! “As You Like It,” one of The Bard’s many successful comedies, had many of us laughing to tears by the end of the night, and it created so many fun memories for us. The actors threw in some improv to help relate to the audience a little more. But if you wish to know more about it you should look it up!

After spending a couple days in Bamford we took a ferry from Wales to Ireland and landed in Dublin, where we had dinner at The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Ireland! Other locations we visited and sang at included Kilkenny (one of our motorcoach driver’s home town), Cork, Limerick, and our final stop in Milwaukee’s sister city, Galway. I could not believe how amazing Ireland was until I went there, and I desperately want to go back!

In my opinion the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas in Galway was my absolute favorite concert site! Even though it was one of the smaller venues, it had the most oustanding acoustics of any we visited in England or Ireland. Most of the time I counted a 5-second reverb within, and it reminded me that God certainly is great. How else would man have been able to build such awesome churches back in the Medieval days? What made it more important to me was that it was my final concert with this amazing choir, and I couldn’t have asked for a better concert site.

Having graduated a little over two weeks ago, this tour allowed me to end my collegiate career with a bang: an international tour to the United Kingdom and Ireland!! Being my favorite touring experience ever, there are many people to whom I need to express my thanks: my friends past and present for attending our concerts; our tour leaders for making daily announcements and keeping everyone in line; Dorothy Nowack, for arranging everything from plane tickets to housing arrangments to being awesome; Dr. Nowack–for whom I have the utmost respect–for granting me the opportunity to sing under his direction for the last three years and helping me to grow as a musician, person, and Christian; to my parents for their undying support of my love for music; and to God for granting me a voice which I can use to worship Him, make an impact on others, and enjoy a bond with other music lovers.

May God continue to bless the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir and all who support it, for membership really is a moving and life-changing experience, and I will be sorry to leave it. I am overjoyed, though, for having this opportunity. These are memories I will lock away forever.


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