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Concerts &General | 13 Dec 2012

Great Memories, Emotional Moments, and Close Friends….

Welcome to Nina, soprano section leader and our newest choir blogger! Hello Readers, and Merry Christmas! Well, our final concerts have ended, which leaves us seven weeks until we can sing together again. In these past three years of my time at WLC, I have found that the thing I look forward to the most […]

Concerts | 03 Dec 2012

One Family in Christ

Hello Lovers of Music, and Merry Christmas! I am currently sitting in the choir rehearsal hall as I write this. We just exited stage after the first set of songs for our second Christmas concert. As I write this I can?t help but look around at my fellow choir members and friends. A few are […]

Concerts | 03 Dec 2012

That Christmas Glow

Christmas is always my favorite time of year, and it?s especially fun to be at WLC around this time. As an art major, I spend most of my time in the beautifully decorated Fine Arts building. The spirit of Christmas is in every nook and cranny of that building, including the Schwan Concert Hall! Our […]