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2012 Southeastern Tour &Concerts &General | 02 Apr 2012

The Journey’s End Brings New Beginnings

?Well, it?s over.? This was my initial thought in the middle of the night as I quickly drifted off into sleep after returning home from our southeastern concert?tour. All of the behind-the scenes organizing, months of practice, and the eager anticipation were in the past. The climax of the choral year has so abruptly changed […]

2012 Southeastern Tour &General | 02 Apr 2012

That’s How We Roll

Hello Choir Followers! It is now our third week back at school after our choir tour down to the southeastern US. We all had a fantastic time bonding over Disney World, the beach, our terrific concerts, and how full we were after meals and in between. I want to take a second to thank all […]