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2011 Midwest Tour &Concerts | 16 Mar 2011

A lasting impression

Greetings choir friends!

Choir tour never gets old. You would think by my fourth year in choir, I would have it all down pat.? Instead, the ease of packing is still beyond my grasp, sleep still eludes me the night before tour begins, and adrenaline still flows through my body before every concert.? On Sunday, March 13, I was given an opportunity I do not get very often, to sing at a church only 15 mintes away from my home!

It was so touching to see my family sitting in the front row, beaming their expectant smiles at us. The knowledge that friends and former teachers were scattered thoughout the audience only added to my excitement.? To top it all off, the choir performed a fantastic concert, proclaiming our love for God and for music in true Wisconsin Lutheran Choir fashion.

On Monday, March 14, the choir was also blessed to join the Luther High School community in a chapel worship service.? This was a great joy to me, as I attended Luther for all four years of my high school education.

But, even in the midst of my euphoria, there was a moment of contemplation.? We all enjoy singing many of our songs, and our excitement especially shows in our Gospel pieces. Following these works comes my favorite moment, singing our signature piece, Abide With Me.

Many people wonder why Dr. Nowack has chosen this as our final selection.? It is not overly flashy, and it may not seem special.? But to the choir, and those who know us, it just makes sense.? We show our love for music and the talents he has given us throughout our entire concert.? But the song Abide With Me allows us to go back to the root of our faith, to the reason why we sing.

Choir is about making friends.? It is also about making music come alive.? But, above all, it is about displaying our faith for everyone to see.? Closing with this song allows us to remember our foundation, and to leave that foundation as a lasting impression for our audience.

A strong foundation is what makes a building last.? Reflecting back on the people, places, and music that has come into my life in the past 24 hours has allowed me to realize what a blessing my foundation is.? I know my hope is built on a firm foundation.? It is the foundation of GOD, and HE will be with me all the days of my life.? This is the reason why we sing; we want to share this confidence with everyone we come in contact with. The next time you hear this song, take a moment to reflect back on the foundation you have in your life. Be thankful that this confidence is yours!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Rachel, ’11
Choir Public Relations Manager

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