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Uncategorized | 25 Feb 2011

Opera in a whole new light!

Wisconsin Lutheran Choir alto section leader Meghan talks about her internship at Skylight Opera Theatre. ?Okay, I need you to slam the couch with your fist, fall on your back, and kick with your downstage leg. One more thing: you have to sing your aria while doing this.? This is one of the many stage […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 24 Feb 2011

March toward tour

As the calendar almost turns to March, we are reminded here in Wisconsin that we are not done with winter yet. That being said, it is almost time for spring break and the Choir Tour?2011 version. I am especially excited this year because we are heading back to my hometown, Black River Falls, Wisconsin. In […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 17 Feb 2011


Alyssa G. has joined the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir blog team as our first alumni writer. Welcome, Alyssa! I was starkly reminded of what was missing in my life as I entered the Wolf Rehearsal Hall last Thursday. I was entering it not as a choir member, but as an audience member. The feelings that used […]

2011 Midwest Tour | 17 Feb 2011

Tour Preparations in Full Swing

At more than halfway through February, and in the fourth week of the semester, the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir is hard at work preparing for our March tour. When I say hard at work, I do mean it! Learning and memorizing a new set of music in a month and a half is no easy feat. […]

Concerts | 14 Feb 2011

The Not-so-Awkward Clich

I’m pretty sure anyone can answer this question: Who won the Super Bowl this year? Most anyone can tell you the Green Bay Packers took their place as world champions in the football kingdom. We all can’t always necessarily recognize the names and numbers on the backs of their jerseys, but we always seem to […]