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Concerts | 10 Dec 2010

Fall Semester’s Wild Ride

Dear choir friends! What a joy it is to share with you again! I’m following up on a busy semester. So, grab some hot chocolate and a blanket, get comfortable, and join me for a wild ride through the last four months. September: Ah, remember September and warm weather? Yeah, me neither. It seems so […]

Concerts | 07 Dec 2010

Let ‘Dissonance’ Ring True

Christmas time is here again, and the choir has been blessed with yet another opportunity to sing God’s praises for our community. This year in particular seems to have presented us with an abundance of blessings. All four of our concerts were marvelous! Every night seemed to build on our previous, gaining a greater appreciation […]

Concerts | 07 Dec 2010

How This Night My Heart Doth Thee Rejoice

During these dawning days before the upcoming Christmas break ? which beckons ever so softly beyond the end-of-the-semester projects, the latter of which reduces me to scream-silently-while-arm-flailing in panic ? I have only a single question. Are we there yet? Not quite, answers the sneering research proposal and continuous rehearsals. It’s always tough during the […]

Concerts | 02 Dec 2010

Happy December to you all!

As the calendar turned from November to December, from turkey to ham, and falling leaves to falling snow, the WLC Christmas Festival Concert series comes with all of that. We had the dress rehearsal last night for the four upcoming concerts, and it did not disappoint. The orchestra, as always, was fantastic and it adds […]