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Uncategorized | 30 Sep 2009

Economic Terminology

If one were to describe the first weeks of school, would economic terminology be the first ones to come to mind? Allow me to explain: As far as motivation, sleep, and free time are concerned, it is a low-supply-and-high-demand market. Each year we seem to scramble constantly in order to achieve a certain point which […]

Uncategorized | 24 Sep 2009

New Year Bang

Wow! Back to another year of school! It’s so exciting to be back in choir! It’s great seeing old and new faces alike get together and do what we love to do: sing! Choir tour planning started off with a bang once we got back to school. I am honored to serve with two new […]

Uncategorized | 23 Sep 2009

Three Steps

1)?Pray 2)?Take a deep breath 3)?Sing! These three steps are the key to a successful tryout. As a second-year member, I still get unbelievably anxious and nervous, but I know whatever God has in store for me is what is going to happen for my good. I am very excited to start this new adventure […]

Uncategorized | 11 Sep 2009


Hello all, and welcome to the 2009-10 school year at WLC. This is my sophomore year and I still am pursuing a music education degree. This year I am the choral music student worker and also one of the student tour managers, so you may be hearing from me a lot from me this year. […]

Uncategorized | 04 Sep 2009

Choir Call-Backs

As I return to WLC this fall for my junior year, I’ve realized how much I have changed and grown over the past two years, and how many things are different in my life since I first arrived in 2007 as a scared and confused little freshman. I am happy to say, however, that one […]