Trip preparation

Our first day of classes during J Term was a success. We met in the Wisconsin Lutheran College dining hall at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday to discuss our upcoming trip. I reminded the students about some packing tips, gave advice on travel, and fielded some questions. After an hour we moved to a classroom where we heard two presentations on the Italian author Boccaccio. Each one of my 15 students has written a research paper about an Italian author or topic, and they are each obligated to give an oral presentation on their investigations. Some will be done here in Milwaukee before we leave, and some of the students will give their talks in Italy as we travel.

2014-WLC-Snow-SignAfter a lunch break, we viewed the classic (and old) film, “A Roman Holiday.” I knew that my fellow travelers would be skeptical at first since the movie stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and it was filmed in black and white! However, I also knew that it was filmed entirely on location in Rome, and the story would capture their interest and their hearts, which it did!

The current temperature outside is well below zero, and we have enough snow to make deep piles on campus. While we will have to experience two long plane flights tomorrow (Saturday) as we head to Rome, the temperature there at this moment is 59 degrees with some high clouds.

Feel free to follow this blog as we travel. I will try to post daily entries with some pictures, and maybe I can get some students to write about our experiences too. Don’t worry about us. We are under God’s protection in Italy just as surely as we are in Wisconsin.


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  1. Safe travels dear cousin and I intend to follow along with you. I just returned from Florida where we saw the Badgers in their bowl game. We also spent New Year’s eve at Epcot where you can visit Germany, France, Japan, etc. all in one day.

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