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Students lead, serve, and learn outside the classroom

Wisconsin Lutheran College is a Christian college in Milwaukee that is recognized for its academic excellence and Christian leadership tenets. This blog, compiled by the Office of Marketing & Communication, focuses on student opportunities outside the classroom – “Beyond the Bricks.” We showcase students who intern, conduct research, study abroad, and lead and serve throughout the world.

Final day in Italy

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Today was our final full day in Italy, and we spent it in Roma. Taking the early train from Orvieto to Romani Termini (the central train station in Rome), we then hopped a local bus to Vatican City, but could not gain admittance until later in the morning. So we shopped. Upon entering the Vatican, strict security was employed with lots of paperwork. We survived it, and were led by an English-speaking guide (Tonya), who took us through the hallways filled with sculptures and paintings and mosaics... (more...)

Sunday in Orvieto

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Dear Readers, Dr. John Skillen of Gordon College at Orvieto lectures about the fresco cycles within that Duomo Today was a Sabbath day in Italy, one that we recognized and acknowledged with our own little worship service at 10:00 a.m. We were given permission to meet in a small, private chapel of an old medieval mansion, and did some singing of familiar hymns, a couple of appropriate Scripture readings, spontaneous and sincere “ex corde” prayers, and the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer... (more...)


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Today we have a guest blog post from Dr. Janis Flint-Ferguson of Gordon College in Massachusetts, who is traveling with Wisconsin Lutheran College’s group in Italy. Greetings to my friends and colleagues in beautiful Milwaukee. It has been such a delight for me to get to know the WLC students who are here with Dr. Moldenhauer and me for our “Special Topics in Italian Literature” class. Dr. M has generously offered me the opportunity to add my reflections to the blog. Today was Rome.... (more...)

A respite day in Orvieto

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Dear Readers, Today was a much needed restful day between trips to Florence and Rome. We had a leisurely breakfast followed by a couple more student presentations on Italian authors. Then we professors did some train ticket ordering and some schedule planning for Rome while students explored Orvieto and climbed the bell tower in the center of town. Everyone had stories to tell about the Italian cuisine they tried and the conversations they attempted. Walking in Orvieto Later this afternoon we all... (more...)

Florence and Pisa

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Dear Italy blog readers, Well, the past two days have been momentous and exciting. On Wednesday, we arose early, ate our modest provided breakfast (cereal, fruit, and bread), and carried our backpacks over to the funicular which took us to the bottom of this steep cliff. There we boarded a train bound for Florence. After nearly two hours of train riding, we got off in the heart of old Florence and began exploring the city which gave birth to the Renaissance. It was the Florentine Medici family who... (more...)

Assisi Day

Posted by Office of Marketing & Communication On January - 7 - 20141 COMMENT

Dear Blog readers, First of all, we send our sincere sympathies to those of you suffering with below zero temperatures back in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Alas, we cannot empathize, however, because our 60-degree temperatures do not cause us stress or discomfort at all, although it was a bit chilly in the shade. Today was designated for Francis of Assisi, the originator of the Franciscan Order of monks, a humble man who dedicated his life to the poor and unfortunate people of the 1200s. His hillside... (more...)

Arrival in Italy

Posted by Office of Marketing & Communication On January - 6 - 20141 COMMENT

Dear Blog readers, Ready to travel from O’Hare Apologies for the lack of news and information during our travel days (Saturday and Sunday). Traveling by bus and plane and then bus again for a day and a half is an exhausting enterprise, and internet access was unavailable. The good news is that we are all safely lodged here in Orvieto, province of Umbria, Italy. The plane flights were long, but uncomplicated. The weariness with which we arrived was expected. Our hosts (Dr. John Skillen and Dr.... (more...)

Trip preparation

Posted by Office of Marketing & Communication On January - 3 - 20141 COMMENT

Our first day of classes during J Term was a success. We met in the Wisconsin Lutheran College dining hall at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday to discuss our upcoming trip. I reminded the students about some packing tips, gave advice on travel, and fielded some questions. After an hour we moved to a classroom where we heard two presentations on the Italian author Boccaccio. Each one of my 15 students has written a research paper about an Italian author or topic, and they are each obligated to give an oral presentation... (more...)

Italy 2014

Posted by Office of Marketing & Communication On January - 1 - 20141 COMMENT

Hello, my name is Dr. Martin Moldenhauer, and I am a veteran English professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College. If you would like to follow me to Italy for the next two weeks, please feel welcome to read this blog. Starting on January 2, I’ll be teaching 15 WLC students on our campus. We will discuss Italian authors and literature, view a couple of films about Italy, and get ready for our study abroad experience which commences with a flight to Amsterdam on January 4 and our arrival in Rome on January... (more...)

Coming Home

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On Monday the 17th, we arose at 3:00 a.m., getting ready for a 4:00 a.m. taxi cab pickup to take us to Heathrow Airport. Once there, we processed through many security checks, taking over an hour to get to our departure gate. We had a short flight (55 minutes) to Dublin Airport where we spent another two hours in long lines passing through customs and security checks. The G8 conference of world leaders was happening in Dublin, so we are sure that some of the slow lines were due to extra security. Our... (more...)