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Wisconsin Lutheran College is a Christian college in Milwaukee that is recognized for its academic excellence and Christian leadership tenets. This blog, compiled by the Office of Marketing & Communication, focuses on student opportunities outside the classroom ? ?Beyond the Bricks.? We showcase students who intern, conduct research, study abroad, and lead and serve throughout the world.

St. Paul’s and Keats’ house

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Dear followers of the United Kingdom Blog of WLC travelers, This may be the last entry for our trip, but I will certainly post more pictures when we get back home and settled in. Our final day in London happens to be Fathers Day in America, and since we all have or have had fathers, we acknowledge our appreciation to each and every one of them. We began our day traveling by train and tube to the central city of London where we walked up the grand steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral and joined the... (more...)

Her Majesty, the Queen

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For each of the past four visits to England, I have planned the trip to include the Trooping of the Colours parade. This official parade starts at Buckingham Palace and includes many royal guardsmen, lots of prancing horses, several military bands, and hundreds of marching soldiers. Queen Elizabeth herself rides in an open carriage, and she waves regally at her subjects. It really is a highlight to see the long-reigning monarch of England, as well as many members of her family. (Yes, we saw Prince... (more...)

Bath Day

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The unusual title of today’s blog is not really a mystery when you know that the city of Bath (pronounced “Bawth”) is an old Roman resort town about an hour and a half west of London. It contains old ruins of hot water pools where Roman people bathed and relaxed. Even today, some of the hotels make use of the naturally heated water as a spa. We did not travel there to take a bath or even relax in the water. We visited Bath because it was the home of Jane Austen for several years,... (more...)

The Globe Theatre

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Dear Readers, This was another gorgeous weather day of sunshine and 70s. We have been most fortunate with the daily weather. Our little group heard another student presentation on a Romantic poet, and this time it was about Lord Byron. Properly motivated, we headed out to London sites, some of us to the Tower of London, some to Westminster Abbey, and some shopped. By 1 p.m. we had agreed to meet at the Globe Theatre, situated right on the Thames River to watch a Shakespeare play, “Titus Andronicus.”... (more...)

Punting on the Cam

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Dear England blog readers, I wonder how many of you know what the title of today’s blog means. Here’s a hint: It can only be done in Cambridge, England. And the answer is . . . riding a flat-bottomed boat down the Cam River, being pushed (punted) by a young man holding a long pole. Does that sound like fun to you? Well, it was delightful to us! More on that later. Our Wednesday began in the usual way: breakfast on our own in our apartments, train ride into central London, tube ride under... (more...)

Exploring London

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Dear Readers, We are now in London. The first thing we did this morning was to gather together in the common lounge area of Glenthurston and listen to another excellent student presentation on our chosen authors, this time being William Blake. We followed that up by taking the train, then tube, then walking to the Tate Britain Art Gallery, where Blake’s original engravings and paintings are on display. Needless to say, it was a very practical application of the Blake lesson we had just been... (more...)

Arrival in London

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Dear Readers, You can find additional photos below in previous posts, some of which have been added recently. Scroll on down to read more about our trip. We have reached London. Leaving the Lake District this morning was hard for those of us who have grown to love it so much, but we had to say goodbye to that lovely fell and lake-laden area. We spent the day on trains and subway (the tube) cars, traveling all the way from northwest England to southeast London. Upon arrival here at Glenthurston, our... (more...)

At Dove Cottage

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Dear Readers, Well, we opened our day with a worship service, and it felt wonderful to have our own little church inside of this hostel. By 9:00 a.m. we were heading out on a five-mile walk from our hostel in?Ambleside to Dove Cottage in Grasmere. The weather was cool and sunny, and that helped our energy level as we walked along curving paths and?across streams and up (and down) hillsides. We made it to the home of William Wordsworth (the great Romantic poet) by 11:00 a.m. and took a tour of the... (more...)

High Adventure

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Dear Readers, I like to let my students write some of the blog entries. They enjoy composing and telling about what we have done. I enjoy the break from writing. Tonight I will comment on our day. This was one of those inevitable “rainy days in England.” This is an island country, after all, surrounded by the Irish Sea and the British Channel, and it rains often. Fortunately we had a Mountain Goat (small mini-bus) tour scheduled to take us into the high country of the western Lake District.... (more...)

Hill Top!

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Written by Wisconsin Lutheran College student Alissa: Dear Readers, Today was a long, fun day full of walking around the Lake District. We began our day by taking a bus from Ambleside out to Hawkshead, the childhood home of one of our romantic authors, William Wordsworth. While in Hawkshead, we explored the church and school that Wordsworth attended as a child as well as meandered throughout the many shops in the small town. Following our exploration of Hawkshead we started our ascent to Hill Top,... (more...)