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Thanksgiving: Reflecting on a Timeline of Blessings

This Thanksgiving, Jim Brandt, vice president of adult & graduate studies, reflects on an incredible timeline of blessings for the College of Adult & Graduate Studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Capstone: Staying True to Liberal Arts Tradition

“Capstone” is the term used for the culminating experience of a true liberal arts education. In this latest blog post, Dr. Joyce S. Natzke, Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies, describes the intentional emphasis of the term within the final course of the Adult & Graduate Studies programs.

MA-Ed Student Testimonial: Making My Dream Come True

“I?m now a few months into the program, and I?m so happy I decided to return to college. My kids are proud of me, and that?s the best feeling in the world.” – Denise Terrell

Graduate Assistant: Honored to Learn, and Serve

As a graduate assistant, Danny helps WLC coaches, while at the same time gaining experience from a valuable master’s degree program. He is honored to learn, and serve, at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

A Joyful Journey of Growth and Relationships

“Throughout my time in the degree completion program, I have been challenged in my perspectives, in my personal strengths, and even in my weaknesses. I learned to juggle studying and writing papers with naptimes and mothers? groups. The most joyful surprises, however, have been the relationships formed.” – Susan Holdmann

A Rewarding Experience: An iPad in my Classroom

“It has been so rewarding to bring this 21st century learning experience into my class and my school.”

Athletics and Graduate Studies Partnership: A Win-Win

“I think the graduate assistant partnership with the College of Adult & Graduate Studies is a win-win situation and I hope we see more graduate assistants in the future.” – Brian Schipferling, Sports Information Graduate Assistant for the Wisconsin Lutheran College Athletic Department

A Guest Speaker Every Week

Interested in hearing real business leaders share their insights and management perspectives from their industry? Consider an accelerated business degree completion program. You won’t be disappointed.

Using an iPad in a School Classroom

Professor Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College, discusses the remarkable benefits of utilizing an iPad in a school classroom.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps for the College Student

Right now, college students across the globe are gearing up for another year of study, work, activity, and friendship. We’ve identified several apps intended to help students accomplish these things.