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Graduate Assistant: Honored to Learn, and Serve

As a graduate assistant, Danny helps WLC coaches, while at the same time gaining experience from a valuable master’s degree program. He is honored to learn, and serve, at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Athletics and Graduate Studies Partnership: A Win-Win

“I think the graduate assistant partnership with the College of Adult & Graduate Studies is a win-win situation and I hope we see more graduate assistants in the future.” – Brian Schipferling, Sports Information Graduate Assistant for the Wisconsin Lutheran College Athletic Department

Science is NOT excess luggage in the educational journey!

At WLC we offer the MA-Ed Science Instruction Specialty as a response to the current research and what we have heard from the PK-12 teachers who want to be ?brought up to speed? on what is new in science and technology as impacting inquiry-based approaches.

Education as a Change Agent in a Diverse Society

The universal quality of today?s classrooms is diversity. Students vary in learning style, language, gender, socioeconomic status, ability status, ethnicity, and culture. This diversity must be understood, appreciated, and carefully considered all throughout the learning process.

Instructional Technology at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Prof. Joe Du Fore, Director of Digital Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), discusses the pervasive nature of technology in our everyday lives and highlights instructional technology initiatives at WLC.

We want our students to soar like the eagles…

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Master of Arts in Education specialty, ?High Performance Instruction,? prepares teachers, and their students, to soar like the eagles.

Since graduating from WLC in 2007, Tim Koepsell has been working one-on-one with students at the ETC Preparatory Academy located on Mercer Island, Washington. Now, Tim is enrolled as an online student within the new Master of Arts in Education program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

SMART Board interactive whiteboards allow instructors to be both flexible and creative. This post offers four of the top ways to utilize just some of the potential that the SMART Board has to offer.

Have something to say? Let the iPad2 help you say it. Here are five great audio/visual iPad Apps that will help you be heard – and sometimes seen!

Tweet Wisconsin Lutheran College received official notification this week that it has been formally accredited as a master’s degree granting institution by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The college also was accredited to offer both its master’s program and its bachelor’s degree completion program online. The first graduate program to be offered will be a Master of Arts in Education featuring five  [ Read More ]