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Education as a Change Agent in a Diverse Society

The universal quality of today?s classrooms is diversity. Students vary in learning style, language, gender, socioeconomic status, ability status, ethnicity, and culture. This diversity must be understood, appreciated, and carefully considered all throughout the learning process.

We want our students to soar like the eagles…

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Master of Arts in Education specialty, ?High Performance Instruction,? prepares teachers, and their students, to soar like the eagles.

In the Beginning…

Tweet Written by: Dr. Joyce S. Natzke When WLC determined it would launch an adult degree completion program and a graduate program, V.P. Jim Brandt and I immersed ourselves into understanding good pedagogy for this stage of the learning cycle. We learned as much as we could about andragogy, the specific term for the methodology employed to teach adults who fall outside of the traditional-aged college students.? We engaged community  [ Read More ]