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Growth in Technological Knowledge

Tim Luetzow, a student in WLC’s accelerated degree completion program, shares his growth in knowledge in the area of technology. Tim states, “The very technology that necessitated my re-education is also facilitating that education. Technology is a tremendous advantage to WLC?s program.”

Joe Du Fore, director of digital education at Wisconsin Lutheran College, recently shared the top seven iPad apps he recommends for business.

I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend WLC and found it to be one of the best experiences of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each member of my cohort and feel that I made some lifelong friends. I am truly a Warrior for life!

“Ask the Students” – May 2013

?Ask the Students? is a simple concept that we are bringing to the Adult & Graduate Studies blog in an attempt to engage and understand our Wisconsin Lutheran College adult students.

Student Testimonial: iPad for Business and Collaboration

Taking the iPad for Business and Collaboration course opened my eyes to the incredible possibilities of the mobile environment within any business setting.

Accelerated Degree Completion for Adult Students

In this video, Paul Eggers and Nikki Wilson, enrollment advisors at Wisconsin Lutheran College, address the common questions adult students consider when deciding to return to school.

Reverse Mentoring – Shared Learning

When we were approached to kick off the reverse mentoring pilot program, we didn?t know what to expect, but Nicole and I were excited to represent Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), and honored to have been chosen to lead the way with several other students.

A Joyful Journey of Growth and Relationships

“Throughout my time in the degree completion program, I have been challenged in my perspectives, in my personal strengths, and even in my weaknesses. I learned to juggle studying and writing papers with naptimes and mothers? groups. The most joyful surprises, however, have been the relationships formed.” – Susan Holdmann

A Guest Speaker Every Week

Interested in hearing real business leaders share their insights and management perspectives from their industry? Consider an accelerated business degree completion program. You won’t be disappointed.

Accelerated Degree Completion – Radio Ad

Wisconsin Lutheran College has a new radio spot, highlighting the accelerated degree completion program, playing in the Milwaukee area this month.