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A Joyful Journey of Growth and Relationships

“Throughout my time in the degree completion program, I have been challenged in my perspectives, in my personal strengths, and even in my weaknesses. I learned to juggle studying and writing papers with naptimes and mothers? groups. The most joyful surprises, however, have been the relationships formed.” – Susan Holdmann

Degree Completion Course Spotlight: Principles of Management

Learn more about the Principles of Management course within the Business Management & Leadership major of Wisconsin Lutheran College?s accelerated degree completion program.

Online Degree Completion Student Profile: Dorian

Dorian Herriges began her college journey at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) in 2003. Now, she has returned as an online student within the accelerated degree completion program. Read on as Dorian describes her incredible return to WLC.

Degree Completion Course Spotlight: Financial Management

Learn more about the Financial Management course within the Business Management & Leadership major of Wisconsin Lutheran College’s accelerated degree completion program.

Degree Completion Student Testimonial – Daron

Daron, a Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) accelerated degree completion student, talks about his experience returning to WLC to finish his degree.

Marketing truly is one of the most strategic functions which a company can undertake. Strategic Marketing, facilitated by Don Kudek, assists students in applying the tools and concepts of marketing to their everyday lives. Get an inside look on how this course helps students take their marketing knowledge to a higher level.

Watch Sharon, a Wisconsin Lutheran College Accelerated Degree Completion student, talk about her experience going back to school, including academics, convenience, and why she chose WLC to finish her degree.